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Teaching First-Year Students about Plagiarism

Handout from Lynn Shelley’s presentation at a Reflective Practice Meeting – Academic Integrity

Plagiarism Example #1

Another individual who has benefitted from inspiration is Bill Strickland. Bill Strickland (born 1947) is the founder and CEO of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, an innovative nonprofit agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that uses the arts to inspire inner-city teenagers.

It’s plagiarism when ______________________________________________________.

Plagiarism Example #2

According to Wikipedia, Strickland started the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild when he was an undergraduate in 1968 at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1972 he added the Bidwell Training Center. Both reach out to disadvantaged young people through the arts and job training.

It’s plagiarism when _____________________________________________________.

Plagiarism Example #3

Another individual who has benefitted from inspiration is Bill Strickland. Strickland was inspired by his art teacher in high school and began to learn how to work with clay. Later, when he started the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, he shared what he had learned with other young people. He became an inspiration to them and helped them to make something of themselves.

It’s plagiarism when ________________________________________________________.

Decide if the following are examples of plagiarism:

By introducing him to clay, Ross taught him that he could "dream" his future the same way he shaped a pot. As he watched the Guild grow, he knew Ross was right.

Most people have been inspired at some time in their lives. For instance, Bill Strickland was inspired by his art teacher, Frank Ross, who taught him to work with clay. If it had not been for Ross, Strickland might never have discovered his passion for art.

Strickland feels that each of us has the potential for remarkable achievement. We can all accomplish the impossible if we are inspired and motivated to do so.

Strickland graduated from Oliver High School in 1967. With the help of Frank Ross, he was accepted at the University of Pittsburgh as a probationary student and became one of only five black students in the freshman class (48).

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