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Workforce Data Resources for IUP Academic Program Review and Development

Workforce employment trends and occupational information is available on a national, regional, metro, and statewide basis.

This data can provide supporting documentation to academic program reviews to describe program strengths and program outcomes and to aid planning and decision-making.

National Occupational Information

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

(Search Tip: Type in job title or educational degree into SEARCH field)

Available data: Job outlook

  • Projected employment
  • Nature of the Work
  • Wage and Salary
  • Training/Qualifications
  • Standard Occupational Classification Code (links directly to the O*NET network — See below)

Example of BLS report: Sociologists Job Outlook Information 

Occupational Information Network (O*NET) 

Using a Standard Occupational Classification Code (SOC), O*NET users can obtain comprehensive occupation-specific information such as tasks, knowledge, and skills and compare job trends on a national and state basis. 2010 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Listing 

Multi-State/Regional Occupational Information

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Regional economic and employment projections (ten-year horizon). Under “Employment by Occupation,” navigate to the state link where users can create customized reports.

USA Today Jobs Graphic 

Under “Job Graphic,” users can view bar charts and visual maps to compare metro and state occupational trends across industry sectors.

Pennsylvania Occupational Information

Pennsylvania data is available on a statewide, multi-county, and individual county basis.

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