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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. This page will be updated often.

Pennsylvania Behavioral Health and Aging Coalition states that it’s a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations concerned about the unmet mental health and substance abuse needs of older adults in Pennsylvania. It includes links for news updated frequently and a blog that seems to have infrequent entries, links to fact sheets, and other mental health resources, and a monthly calendar for events. As with the other websites, I wasn’t aware of this before now. Overall, I was very impressed with the website. Liked that the events were timely, including direct outreach to seniors about behavioral health issues. It seems to have a wide variety of aging and mental health resources under the resources link. I thought that the newsletter and blog provided useful information to individuals and agencies that provide support services to seniors. +John+

Pennsylvania Health Law Project provides free legal services to lower income consumers, seniors, and persons with disabilities that are having trouble accessing publicly funded healthcare coverage or services . PHLP may litigate cases on behalf of consumers, provide free representation on an appeal, and provide support to legal service centers around the state in pursuing these cases. PHLP also serves as an advocate by providing administrative and legal updates to the disabilities community and by reviewing proposed changes in the state’s medical assistance program. Not knowing about PHLP before doing the write-up, I like the basic premise of the organization and the website. It's harder for people that don’t have the income or face other challenges to access the political system or lawyers to navigate through the process of getting the health care, including mental health care, that they need. The website seems fairly easy to use. Seems to have an easy-to-understand description of their purpose, including contact numbers. The newsletters seem to cover potential administrative and legal changes to medical policy. I also liked the link that tried to break down the state medical assistance system for providers. +John+

Welcome Center for Immigrants and Internationals is an excellent organization providing services to immigrants. The agency provides assistance to immigrants who are new to the Pittsburgh region. The center has multilingual staff that can assist with a variety of issues including job placement and career counseling, housing assistance, assistance with small businesses, assistance finding English as a Second Language classes, and assistance with immigration and naturalization issues. The mission of the organization is to help immigrants successfully relocate to the area so they can help with the economic revitalization of the region. The agency works to assist clients with becoming part of the community that they are new to. The agency is an excellent resource for immigrants as well as professionals who are working with immigrants. +Lori+

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is dedicated to educating service users of the mental health system, mental health service providers, and the general public regarding mental illness. This site contains a plethora of information regarding mental health disorders, medications, and available support and services for not only those diagnosed with mental illness but their friends, families, and providers. NAMI is dedicated to educating the general public and confronting stigma surrounding mental health disorders. This site features "stigma buster" articles that are aimed at challenging misconceptions about mental illness. This site also contains information regarding political issues that affect the mental health system as well as contact information for legislators so that individuals can advocate for the mental health community. {Marie}

National Alliance on Mental Illness highlights various medical illnesses, medications, support, and programs, as well as ways to support the Alliance. This site has information flowing throughout regarding the status of mental illness in the news, and has a strong focus on self education and advocacy. {Erika}

National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI is an organization focused on defeating the stigma attached to mental illness. NAMI reaches out to not only those affected by mental illness but their families, their friends, their coworkers, their neighbors, and anybody else that cares. NAMI has organized several fund-raisers across the country, and their site is a valuable tool to learn about them. The site also provides news, support resources, and opportunity for education and training. {Jared}

NRC-PAD contains information regarding Psychiatric Advanced Directives. As states vary in there statutes regarding Psychiatric Advanced Directives, there is a feature on the website to search for specific information regarding each state’s recognition of Psychiatric Advanced Directives. This site links users to resources including educational webcasts, fact and question information, and actual forms for completion of Psychiatric Advanced Directives. This site contains information relevant for mental health service users, family and friends of those diagnosed with a psychiatric disability, as well as mental health service providers. {Marie}

Mental Health America and the Military has devoted a section of their interest into helping the military and their families overcome stereotyping or stigma placed on soldiers who may need therapy or help reuniting with their families, adjusting to civilian life after war, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorders. The site offers resources on how to obtain health benefits and a number of other services these men and women may need, such as PTSD, homecomings, wounded soldier support, and loss of a family member. The site may not offer information in detail about all topics but gives the soldier or family members viable information on how to obtain such services. {Samantha}

Drug War Facts provides access to continually updated and current authoritative drug facts, each with reliable citations emphasizing impact with public health and criminal and social justice issues. It permits access to drug facts in an effort to break myths, errors, emotions, and dissembling. It contains invaluable information for counselors interested in drug-related fields and anyone interested in the impact of drugs on pubic policy. Activists continually develop and maintain this site because they believe that an informed society will correct its errors and create better drug policies that affect individuals and society to promote well-being. Aeschylus’ famous quote is their motto: “In war truth is the first casualty.” {Karen}

Counselors for Social Justice (CJS) is a division of the American Counseling Association working to promote social justice in our society confronting oppressive systems of power and privilege that affect professional counselors and their clients. CJS seeks positive change for society through the professional development of counselors and is comprised of a community of counselors, counselor educators, graduate students, and school and community leaders. Links and resources make info accessible to a wide range of individuals but especially valuable for counselors. Topics include Challenging Managed ‘Mangled’ Care, classism and anti-democratic excesses, corporate media bias with independent voices, militarism with voices of peace and justice, globalization and privatization, prison legal reform, hunger and poverty, transforming school counseling initiatives, and many more relevant and timely topics. {Karen}

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