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Guidelines for Senior Thesis Documentation

The purpose of the senior thesis is to provide a culminating academic and production experience tailored to each student’s unique interests and talents. The student applying to do a senior thesis project will meet with their practicum supervisor to agree on specific expectations and create a written abstract. One copy of this will be forwarded to the practicum supervisor, and another to the department’s administrative assistant for insertion in the student’s advisement folder. Documentation requirements allow flexibility within the required components listed below, with student and supervisor agreeing to the relative scope of each component. All senior theses must include the following:

  1. Statement of Intent: 
    This is a brief (approximately one hundred words) answer to the question, “How do you expect this experience will call on your talents, and what are the greatest challenges you face?”
  2. Practicum Registration:
    It is anticipated that a senior thesis project will involve at least a two-credit practicum, reflecting the workload involved in research, production/presentation, and documentation. If there are credit overload issues, the thesis supervisor can allow for a lower credit registration level, with the understanding that the student would still be expected to do the workload required of at least a two-credit project.
  3. Journal/Record: 
    A regular record of progress must be made during the research, preparation, and production phases of the project and be submitted to the thesis supervisor. A variety of formats are possible, including but not limited to: a daily written journal, a video archive, or an annotated graphic record. A combination of forms is encouraged. Students should discuss research options with their faculty supervisor.
  4. Presentation: 
    The project will have some form of public presentation. This must be documented through photographs, videotape, or some other visual medium. For most performance and production projects, the performance to an audience is the presentation. Projects that are not linked to a production (i.e., a play script or written research project) require a separate presentation.
  5. Self-Evaluation: 
    Referring to the statement of intent, journal, and presentation documentation, the student will submit a written self-assessment that thoroughly describes the successes and failures encountered and how the experience has advanced the student’s knowledge of theater.

All required materials (journal, presentation documentation, and self evaluation) must be submitted to the thesis supervisor no later than one week after the closing of the performance or presentation. Projects not involving a production (i.e., a scholarly paper or play script) are due one week prior to the last day of classes of the semester.

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