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The Department of Theater and Dance offers a large selection of courses ranging from broad, introductory courses to specialized, advanced courses. Students should select courses of interest always mindful of their progress through the major requirements. Descriptions of each of these courses is listed on this department webpage under course descriptions.

Note: Credit designation, which is located at the top right of each course description, is expressed in (c) class hours per week, (l) lab or (d) discussion section hours per week, and (cr) semester hours of credit per semester. For example, THTR 111 Foundations of Theater is designated as follows—3c-0l-3cr. This means the class meets for 2-½ hours per week, usually in 50-minute sessions if it is a class which meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or for 75 minutes for Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday classes. There are also night classes, which meet once per week for the entire 2-½ hours. The designation of 0l means there is no lab time necessary. The last part, 3cr, means that you will receive three semester hours of credit for the class.


Course Number Course Name
THTR 101 Introduction to Theater
THTR 101 Foundations of Theater
THTR 116 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THTR 120 Stagecraft
THTR 122 Costume Workshop
THTR 130 Stage Voice
THTR 131 Stage Movement
THTR 205 Classic Theater I
THTR 206 Classic Theater II
THTR 207 Modern Theater I
THTR 208 Modern Theater II
THTR 221 Basic Stage Lighting
THTR 223 Makeup for the Stage
THTR 240 Acting I
THTR 281 Special Topics
THTR 310 Theater Criticism
THTR 320 Scene Design
THTR 321 Stage Lighting Design
THTR 322 Costume Design
THTR 323 Sound Design
THTR 324 Advanced Stagecraft
THTR 340 Acting II
THTR 341 Acting Styles
THTR 342 Acting Shakespeare
THTR 347 Playwriting
THTR 350 Directing
THTR 481 Special Topics
THTR 482 Independent Study
THTR 483 Independent Study (Honors)
THTR 484 Directing Studio
THTR 486 Practicum in Production
THTR 487 Acting Studio (see Course Descriptions for options)
THTR 489 Technical Theater Problems (see Course Descriptions for options)
THTR 493 Internship
DANC 102 Introduction to Dance
DANC 150 Fundamentals of Dance
DANC 250 Modern Dance
DANC 260 Jazz Dance
DANC 270 Ballroom and Tap Dance
DANC 280 Ballet
DANC 281 Special Topic
DANC 290 Ethnic Dance
DANC 351 Choreography
DANC 353 Dance Curriculum and Instruction
DANC 481 Special Topic
DANC 482 Independent Study
DANC 485 Dance Studio (see Course Descriptions for options)


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