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Curriculum Structure

Successfully pursuing the academics of the Department of Theater and Dance is helped by understanding our curricular requirements. There are four main components to the B.A. degree in Theater:

  1. Foundation Requirements
  2. Core Requirements
  3. Concentration Requirements
  4. Practicum Requirements

Although the INFA is constructed a little differently, understanding the B.A. in Theater will help you understand the architecture of these other degrees as well.

Foundation Requirements

The foundation courses are theory courses in literature, design, and history. They constitute a full-year “introduction” through THTR 111, Foundations of Theater, and THTR 116, Fundamentals of Theatrical Design. It further requires a study of the history and literature of the discipline in both classic and modern eras. Pay particular attention to the script analysis fundamentals introduced in these courses. Script analysis is a fundamental ability that will show up again and again in your higher level courses.

Core Requirements

The core requirements are courses that teach fundamental skills in technical production and performance. At least two courses must be taken in each area. Not only does this enable all of our majors to have a better working of the collaborative process, the skills in these courses are essential towards success in higher level courses that form the concentration.

Concentration Requirements

The concentration requirement guides your selection of theater electives. It assures that you will gain depth of study in at least one area of theater. The four possible concentrations are: Performance, Design and Production, Musical Theater, and Theory and Criticism. Ideally, majors should determine this concentration by the second semester of the sophomore year to best assure the course rotation that would best suit completing the requirements for graduation in the major in a timely fashion.

Practicum Requirements

The practicum requirements connect your classroom learning to practical application in our professionally modeled companies, Theater-by-the-Grove and the IUP Dance Company. Your assignment to these companies (either back stage or on stage) is done for academic credit. The culminating activity of your degree program is your Senior Thesis Project. Your Senior Thesis Project is a practicum assignment that is a “capstone” to your experience, resulting in a well-documented, reflective paper.

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