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  • BS – James Madison University, 1990 – Speech Language Pathology
  • MS – James Madison University, 1994 – Speech Language Pathology
  • PhD – University of Georgia, 2004 – Communication Sciences and Disorders

Teaching Areas

  • SPLP 408 Communication and Social Competence in Children with Autism
  • SPLP 635 Augmentative and Alternative Communicatio
  • GSR 615 Research Design and Methods for Speech-Language Pathology Major
  • SPLP 481 Communication and Social Competence for Children with Autis
  • SPLP 661 Advanced Clinical Practicum – Preschool-age children

Research Interests

Dr. Price’s current research explores the interactions that take place during book reading routines between parents and children and between teachers and children in preschool classrooms. She analyzes the content of the talk and how it supports child participation, language learning, and development of text comprehension.

Current projects include:

  • Grant application submitted to NIH (June 2012): Parent-Child Talk During Book Reading with Children with Language Disorders

  • IUP Senate Grant: A Qualitative Analysis of Parent-Child Talk During Book Sharing with Storybooks and with Expository Books

  • Collaborative project with Dr. Barbara Bradley through a University of Kansas Faculty Development Award: Integrating Informational Texts into Early Childhood Classrooms

  • Teacher Preferences when Choosing Information Books for Preschool Classrooms

There are opportunities for students to volunteer to work on these ongoing research projects. Interested students should come by office hours to discuss current opportunities.

Professional Certifications

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA), 1994
  • Commonwealth of PA, License in Speech-Language Pathology, 2008 

Selected Publications

  • Price, L.H., (2013, April 1). Spotlight on Special Interest Group 1, Language Learning and Education. The ASHA Leader.
  • Price, L.H. & Bradley, B.A. (2012). Birth-Five Years of Age. Kansas Guide to Learning: Literacy.
  • Price, L.H., Bradley, B.A., & Smith, J. (2012). A comparison of preschool teachers’ read-alouds of storybooks and expository books. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 27, 726-440.
  • Price, L.H., Hendricks, S., & Cook, C. (2010). Hardware and software technologies to facilitate language sample analysis. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 41, 206-222.
  • Price, L.H., van Kleeck, A., Huberty, C.J. (2009). Talk during book sharing between parents and preschool children: A comparison between storybook and expository book conditions. Reading Research Quarterly, 44(2), 171–194.
  • Price, L.H. & Ruscher, K.Y. (2006). Fostering phonological awareness using shared book reading and an embedded-explicit approach. In A. van Kleeck (Ed.), Sharing Books and Stories to Promote Language and Literacy (pp. 15-76). San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing.
  • Van Kleeck, A., Vander Woude, J., & Hammett, L.A. (2006). Fostering literal and inferential language skills in Head Start preschoolers with language impairment using scripted book sharing discussions. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 15, 85-95.
  • Hammett, L.A., van Kleeck, A., & Huberty, C.J (2003). Patterns of parents’ extratextual interactions during book sharing with preschool children: A cluster analysis study. Reading Research Quarterly, 38, 442-468.

Selected Presentations

  • Price, L.H. & Bradley, B.A. (2013, April). Read-alouds in early childhood classrooms: Rethinking genre and teacher talk to scaffold children’s language and learning. Presentation for the Reading Research Institute: Next Steps in the Implementation of Common Standards at the International Reading Association Annual Convention, San Antonio, TX. 
  • Price, L.H. (2012, March). Interacting with children: Clinical skills for new SLPs. Oral presentation at the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Lancaster, PA.
  • Price, L.H. & Bradley, B.A. (2011, December). Pre-kindergarten teachers’ preferences when choosing information books. Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL.
  • Bradley, B.A. & Price, L.H. (2011, December). Engaging pre-kindergarten children in repeated readings of thematically related books. Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL.
  • Price, L.H. & Hollingsworth, S. (2010, November). Parent-preschooler discourse during storybook and expository book sharing. Poster presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Richburg, C.M. & Price, L.H. (2010, November). Management strategies following a diagnosis of (C)APD. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Price, L.H. (2010, June). Fostering abstract language abilities in preschool children with language disorders. Invited presentation for The University of Georgia Communication Sciences and Special Education Summer Institute.
  • Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services Department
  • Davis Hall, Room 203
    570 South Eleventh Street
    Indiana, PA 15705-1087
  • Phone: 724-357-2450
  • Fax: 724-357-7716
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.