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CMS Access through the Browser

The Ektron Content Management System (CMS) can be accessed in two ways:

  • Using a Web browser to access existing webpages and edit content blocks
  • Using the CMS Workarea to add new or edit existing content

Many people find it easier to use the Web browser to navigate through the site to the content they need to edit. When you are logged in (and not in preview mode), colored boxes appear around areas of CMS-managed content as you move your mouse over these areas.

  • Green indicates the content is checked in and is available for editing.
  • Red indicates the content is checked out by another editor.
  • Yellow indicates that edits or a deletion request have been submitted to the publishers for approval.
  • Gray indicates the content is approved but pending its start date.

When you right-click your mouse within one of these colored boxes, a popup menu appears. Below is a sample popup menu. The items on the popup menu will vary depending upon the permissions granted to you, whether the content is available for editing, and other factors.

Sample popup menu

To edit the content, click the Edit icon (edit_icon.png) on the popup menu. This is for quick, easy edits. Be aware that full editing options are not available with this option. To locate the content within the workarea, click on “Properties” and then look at the workarea tab or window. You can then edit the page there.

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