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Bachelor of Arts in Theater—Our most popular degree for students who want to develop their passion for theater into their own creative practice.

The B.A. in Theater can prepare you for entry-level work or graduate school training toward a career in theater and related occupations in America’s huge entertainment industry. Competition is keen, though. This degree prepares you for the additional training usually required to enter the field as a professional.

Recent graduates are now engaged in the profession in multiple ways—running their own their theater companies in NYC, training at some of the top MFA programs in the country, working as actors, singers, and dancers on stage, writing plays, directing, stage managing, and working as production technicians.

I'm lucky enough to be enjoying my twenty-fourth year in the professional theater… I am the founding artistic director of the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Maryland's largest classics theater and one of the fastest growing Shakespeare companies in the country... I take particular joy in employing IUP alumni whenever the chance arises.
—Ian Gallinar, alumnus

The CrucibleMany graduates find themselves well suited to other careers that require collaborative skills and creative imagination, coupled with a personal discipline required of a theater company member. 

Advertising, law, counseling, and event management are examples. This degree is ideal for budding entrepreneurs by sharpening their creative abilities, especially when coupled with a minor in Entrepreneurship for the Arts.

“While I always knew I had some unidentifiable artistic sensibility about myself, I had no idea how to cultivate, wrangle, or understand it . . . . My time in theater school gave me the tools to understand what I'm capable of as an artist, but, more importantly, what I'm capable of as a leader and communicator.”
—Nathan Anderson, alumnus

Liberal Studies: 43-44 credits

As outlined in the Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:

  • Fine Arts: any except THTR 101
  • Mathematics: 3cr
  • Liberal Studies Electives: 3cr, no courses with THTR prefix

Major: 42(1)

Foundation Courses:
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 111 Foundations of Theater 3
THTR 116 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design 3
THTR 211 History and Literature: Classic 3
THTR 212 History and Literature: Renaissance 3
THTR 213 History and Literature: Modern and Contemporary 3
Core Skills Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 120 Stagecraft 3
THTR 122 Costume Workshop 3
THTR 140 Foundations of Performance 3

Theater Electives in Concentration Areas:

Choose one area:

Design/Tech/Management Area
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 225 Theater Graphics 3
THTR 489 Design/Technology/Management Studio 3
and two electives from:
THTR 221 Basic Stage Lighting 3
THTR 223 Makeup for the Stage 3
THTR 320 Scene Design 3
THTR 321 Stage Lighting Design 3
THTR 322 Costume Design 3
THTR 323 Sound Design 3
THTR 324 Advanced Stagecraft 3
DANC 355 Dance Production 3
Performance Area
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 130 Stage Voice 3
or THTR 131 Stage Movement 3
THTR 240 Acting I 3
THTR 340 Acting II 3
and one of these electives:
THTR 341 Acting Styles 3
THTR 342 Acting Shakespeare 3
THTR 350 Directing 3
THTR 487 Acting Studio 3
DANC 485 Dance Studio 3
Theory and Criticism Area
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 310 Theater Criticism 3
THTR 311 Dramaturgy 3
and two of these electives:
THTR 350 Directing 3
ENGL 308 Critical Theory 3
ENGL 343 Drama 3
ENGL 434 Shakespeare 3
ENGL 450 Film Theory 3
ENGL 350 Gender and Sexual Orientation in Literature, Theory, and Film 3
ENGL 460 Topics in Film 3
ENGL 463 Topics in Global Literature and Film 3
ENGL 466 Topics in Theory 3
General Studies Area
Course Number Credits
THTR and/or DANC prefix courses as advised 12
Production Practicum: (2)
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 486 Practicum in Production 5
Course Number Course Name Credits
THTR 480 Theater Seminar 1

Free Electives: 34-35

Violet SharpTotal Degree Requirements: 120

  1. Students must achieve a “C” or better in all major courses in order to graduate.
  2. Students are required to be enrolled in THTR 486 Practicum in Production while a THTR major. Students must complete 8 different practicum assignments, with three assignments in design or technical areas. With prior approval of the Department Chair, THTR 493, Internship, may be substituted.
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