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Record Group Collections

Serving as the institutional memory of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Record Group (RG) collections document the fascinating history of IUP from its creation as Indiana State Normal School in 1875 to the present day.

Record Groups include information generated by campus offices, departments, and the unions represented at the university. These collections include the Council of Trustees; President's Office; Office of the Registrar; Center for Student Life, Student Leadership, and Greek Life; Penn Student Newspaper; Office of Alumni Relations; College of Fine Arts; and University Senate. Browse IUP Publications including alumni magazines, catalogs, commencement programs, IUP history, serials, student handbooks, and yearbooks. Search for photographs and scrapbooks. Examine memorabilia including pennants, photographs, postcards, programs, and sports regalia. Digital recordings include the 1936 Commencement Procession

RG# Collection Finding Aid Inclusive Dates Research Interests
RG 1 Stock Certificates related to the Sale of the Indiana State Normal School to the Commonwealth 1869-1928 Deeds and Stock Certificates
RG 2 Administrative Manuals 1949-1991 Publications
RG 3 Council of Trustees
1871-2010s Meeting Minutes
RG 4 Buildings and Grounds 1875-2010s Campus Maps and History
RG 5 Board of Normal School Principals Proceedings 1896-1974 Publications
RG 6 Review of the Personnel Policies of the Board of Presidents 1950-1987 Policies and Office files
RG 7 Board of State College and University Directors 1977-1982 Meeting Minutes and Office files
RG 8 Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education 1983-2000 Meeting Minutes, Policies, and Reports
RG 9 Commission for State Colleges and Universities 1965-1999 Minutes, Policies and Reports
RG 10 Annual Statements and Reports to the Trustees 1909-2000s Annual Reports from Principals and Presidents
RG 11 President’s Office Files 1909-2010s Meeting Minutes, Reports, and Office files
RG 12 Association of Educational Office Employees (IUPAES) Records 1964-1984 Newsletters, Committees, Reports, and Minutes
RG 13 President’s Reports 1949-1994 Reports and Office files
RG 14 Councils and Committees 1930s-2010s Minutes and Reports
RG 15 Women’s Advisory Council 1919-1994 Brochures and Press Releases
RG 16 School of Continuing and Non-Resident Education 1974-2003 Reports, Office files, and Promotional Materials
RG 17 College of Education and Educational Technology 1932-1994 Curriculum, Programs, and Teaching Materials
RG 18 The Graduate School 1954-2010s Reports, Meeting Minutes, and Manuals
RG 19 University School 1897-2004 Reports, Budgets, Meeting Minutes, and Curriculum
RG 20 Faculty News & Drum Sounds 1948-1987 Faculty Newsletters
RG 21 The Penn Student Newspaper 1925-2010s Student Newspaper
RG 22 Daily Bulletin 1928-1986 Campus announcements and events
RG 23 Yearbooks 1888-1996 Clionian,Empanda, Instano, and the Oak
RG 24 Directories 1935-2010s Campus phone and address information
RG 25 Office of Public Information (continued to RG 63)
1940-1988 Press Releases, Articles, Publications, and Scrapbooks
RG 26 Catalogs 1875-2010s Undergraduate and Graduate
RG 27 Student Publications and Projects 1903-2010s Publications, Projects, Oral History, and Newsletters
RG 28 Office of Alumni Relations 1880-2010s Publications and Reunions
RG 29 Student Handbooks 1928-2010s Publications and Information
RG 30 College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 1944-2010s Publications, Reports, Office files, and Planning
RG 31 Home Economics Club 1931-1965 Scrapbooks, Publications, Office files, and Songs
RG 32 Athletic Department Football (continued to RG 62)
1934-2010s Football Programs and Videos
RG 33 Department of Music 1910s-2010s Performances, Scrapbooks, and Recordings
RG 34 ROTC Information 1954-1975 Publications and Scrapbooks
RG 35 Commencement 1876-2010s Student Societies and Graduation Information
RG 36 Faculty Record Cards 1920s-1970s Faculty information and schedule of classes
RG 37 University Senate 1966-2010s Meeting Minutes and Reports
RG 38 Academic Affairs and Provost 1962-2010s Reports, Program Evaluation, Planning, and Minutes
RG 39 Campus Anniversaries
Anniversary Programs
RG 40 Vice President for Student Affairs 1949-2010s Reports, Publications, Societies, and Workshops
RG 41 Convocation Programs 1974-2010s Freshmen Convocation and Honors Convocation
RG 42 Sabbatical Leave Committee 1982-2010s Files, Meeting Minutes, and Reports
RG 43 Accreditation 1941-2010s Reports and Certificates
RG 44 Faculty Organization 1877-2010s Meeting Minutes and Handbooks
RG 45 Office of Campus Planning 1925-2000s Files, Publications, Photographs, and Reports
RG 46 Student Government Association 1961-1987 Meeting Minutes, Office files, and Reports
RG 47 Student Cooperative Association 1925-1999 Meeting Minutes, Office files, and Reports
RG 48 Center for Student Life, Student Leadership, and Greek Life 1939-2010s Reports, Files, Publications, and Photographs
RG 49 Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) 1969-2010s Union, CBA, Meeting Minutes, Reports, and Newsletters
RG 50 Special Events and Programs 1960s-1995 Memorabilia, Publications, and Scrapbooks
RG 51 Center for Community Affairs 1976-1986 Meeting Minutes, Photographs, Projects, and Reports
RG 52 Office of the Registrar 1875-2010s Ledgers, Reports, Classes, Enrollment and Statistics
RG 53 Memorabilia and Ephemera 1875-2010s Memorabilia, Photographs, and Scrapbooks
RG 54 Isolde A. Henninger 1958-1983 Language Faculty and APSCUF
RG 55 Student Teaching 1954-1979 Publications and Conferences
RG 56 Business Records 1874-1990s Ledgers, Finances and Reports
RG 57 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) 1985-1996 Union, CBA, Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, and Reports
RG 58 Women’s Judicial Board 1939-1967 Meeting Minutes and Reports
RG 59 Phi Beta Kappa & Phi Delta Kappa 1960-1979 Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, and Manuals
RG 60 IUP Libraries
1890-2010s Meeting Minutes, Publications, and Reports
RG 61 James Dougherty Projects  1980s-2010s Recordings, and Labor and Homestead Project
RG 62 Athletic Department (continued from RG 32) 1968-1996 News Releases, and Publications
RG 63 Office of Communications and Marketing (continued from RG 25) 1988-2010s PR, Publications, and Photographs
RG 64 Faculty Publications (continued to RG 79) 1968-2010s Publications by IUP Faculty
RG 65 Faculty Textile Collection
1896-2010s Clothing, Pennants
RG 66 Foundation for IUP 1967-1992 Office files, Meeting Minutes, and Reports
RG 67 Video Cassette Master Copies 1986-1992 VHS Video Cassette Tapes
RG 68 College of Fine Arts 1927-2010s Publications and Scrapbooks
RG 69 College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Graduation Files 1938-2003 Office files, Curriculum, Publications, and Reports
RG 70 College of Business: Graduation Files 1960-1994 Curriculum, Publications, and Reports
RG 71 IUP Publications: Offices, Centers, and Departments 1990s-2010s IUP Publications, Programs, Brochures, and Reports
RG 72 Admissions Office 1980s-2010s
IUP Publications for Prospective Students
RG 73 IUP Punxsutawney Regional Campus and Culinary Institute 1962-2010s Publications, News Releases, and Reports
RG 74 IUP Northpointe Regional Campus (Armstrong County)
1963-2010s Publications, Photographs, Files, and Programs
RG 75 Public Affairs Forum 1959-1982 Forums and Correspondence
RG 76 Media Miscellany 1970-2010s Video and Audio Formats
RG 77 James Wakefield Photograph Collection 1960-2000 Events and Student Activities, Sports, and Buildings & Grounds
RG 78 Ronald Juliette Collection 1845-1976 IUP History and Photographs
RG 79 Faculty Publications (continued from RG 64) 1960s-2010s Publications by IUP Faculty
RG 80 Executive Assistant to the President 1969-2010s Office files, publications, and reports
RG 81 IUP Photograph Collection 1950s-2010s Campus, people and Indiana, Pennsylvania
RG 82 President's Commission on Women at IUP 2003-2010s Meeting minutes and campus reports 
RG 83 Communications Media Projects produced by Richard Lamberski
2006-2010s Department of Communications Media
RG 84
Carol Teti Memorial Organ Scholarship Committee 1994-2010s Committee meetings, newsletters, and events 
RG 85 The John P. Murtha Institute for Homeland Security Collection 2003-2011 Office files, minutes, and presentations
RG 86
The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Reflective Practice Project
Office files, faculty teaching, and workshops
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