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Permanent Faculty

Lynne Alvine, EdD

Professor, Adolescent Literature, Teaching Composition, Literacy, and Gender (Retired)

Usree Bhattacharya, PhD

Assistant Professor of English, Discourse, Globalization, Indian Education, Language Ideology, Language Policy, Literacy, Multilingualism, TESOL
215C Leonard Hall

Gail Ivy Berlin, PhD

Professor, Old and Middle English Language and Literature, Medieval Women, Holocaust Literature
406 Sutton Hall

Patrick Bizzaro, PhD

Professor, Composition and TESOL Faculty, Rhetorical Traditions, Undergraduate Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Advanced Composition
341 Sutton Hall

Resa Crane Bizzaro, PhD

Associate Professor, Composition and TESOL Faculty, Indigenous rhetorics, multicultural rhetorics, composition theory and practice, Appalachian literature and culture, Native American literature and culture
340 Sutton Hall

Laurel Johnson Black, PhD

Associate Professor, Composition, Sociolinguistics, Pedagogy, Assessment, Creative Writing
116 Keith Hall

John Branscum, PhD

Assistant Professor, Creative Writing, Writing Pedagogy, Contemporary Global Literature, Popular Culture
114C Leonard Hall

James M. Cahalan, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Modern Irish, American and British Literatures, Theory and Pedagogy

Carolyn Camp, PhD

Assistant Professor, American and British Literatures, Novel, Poetry, Critical Theory, Composition
114E Leonard Hall

Brian Carpenter, PhD

Assistant Professor, Language Use, Pedagogy, Discourse Analysis, Teacher Education
103 Leonard Hall

Sung-Gay Chow, PhD

Associate Professor (retired), Southern Literature, Asian-American Studies
215E Leonard Hall

Susan M. Comfort, PhD

Associate Professor, Postcolonial Literature, Feminist Theory and Pedagogy, Gender Studies
220 Leonard Hall

Chauna Craig, PhD

Professor, Creative Writing (Fiction and Nonfiction), Western Literature, Contemporary Fiction, Pedagogy
352 Sutton Hall

Sharon Deckert, PhD

Associate Professor
111 Leonard Hall

David B. Downing, PhD

Professor, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Pedagogy, American Literature
109A Leonard Hall

Reena Dube, PhD

Associate Professor, Film, Film and Literature, Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Marxist, Feminist Studies
201J Leonard Hall

Anthony G. Farrington, PhD

Professor, Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary American Literature, Aesthetic Theory
140 Keith Hall

Oriana Gatta, PhD

Assistant Professor,Visual Rhetoric/Culture; Postmodern, Postcolonial, and Intersectional Feminist Theory; Comic Book Studies; Critical Pedagogy; Digital Pedagogy, Multimodal Composition, and Digital Archival Method/ologies
109B Leonard Hall

Janet Goebel, PhD

Advisor, Honors College, Professor, Medieval, 18th-Century Novel, Bronze Age, 19th-Century Continental, Myth
136 Whitmyre Hall

David Hanauer, PhD

Professor, First and Second Language Literacy, Literature, Second Language Teaching
215D Leonard Hall

Tanya Heflin, PhD

Assistant Professor, American Literature and Culture (1880s-present); Women’s Literature; Feminist Theory; Autobiography, Diary, and Digital Archives
201H Leonard Hall

Tim Hibsman, PhD

114D Leonard Hall

Melanie Holm, PhD

215E Leonard Hall

Claude Mark Hurlbert, DA (retired)

Professor, Composition Theory and Practice, Rhetorical Traditions, Theories of Literacy

Jo-Anne Kerr, PhD

Assistant Professor
359 Sutton Hall

Chris Kuipers, PhD

Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Myth, Classical Literature, Pastoral Literature, Ecocriticism, Anthologies
209A Leonard Hall

John L. Marsden, PhD

Assistant Professor, Contemporary British Novel, Modernist, Postmodernist, and Postcolonial Literatures
109D Leonard hall

Jean Nienkamp, PhD

Associate Professor, Rhetorical History and Theory, Argumentation, Composition, and Literacy Studies
215A Leonard Hall

Linda Norris, PhD

Director, Masters of Arts in Teaching English
343 Sutton Hall

Christopher Orchard, DPhil

Associate Professor, Shakespeare, Early Modern British Literature, Transatlantic Studies, Theory
246 Keith Hall

Gian Pagnucci, PhD

Professor, Narrative Theory and Research, Technical Writing, Technology and Literacy, Composition Pedagogy
110 Leonard Hall

Gloria Park, PhD

Associate Professor, Teacher Identity, Teacher Narratives, Critical Pedagogy, TESOL Teacher Education, NNEST Identity, Qualitative Research
346 Sutton Hall

Tina Perdue (Retired), DA

Associate Professor (retired), Humor Writing, Basic Writing, Popular Literature, Pedagogy

Curt Porter, PhD

Assistant Professor, Language Pedagogy, Critical Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, Curriculum Theory, Educational Philosophy
114B Leonard Hall

Heather Powers, PhD

Associate Professor, 18th- and 19th-Century British Literature, Critical Theory, Popular Culture
104A Keith Hall

Ben Rafoth, EdD

Professor, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Writing Centers, Research Methods
217 Eicher Hall

Lilia Savova, PhD

Professor, Teacher Education, Second Language Teaching, Linguistics, Instructional Design, Technology
216 Leonard Hall

Mike Sell, PhD

Professor, Modern Drama, Avant-Garde, Performance Studies, Black Arts Movement
203 Leonard Hall

Lynn Shelly

Associate Professor, Punxsutawney Campus Writing Center Director, Composition, Writing Centers, Literacy, First Year Experience
215C Leonard Hall

Kenneth Sherwood, PhD

Associate Professor, 20th-Century American Poetry, Ethnopoetics, Theory and Writing
Co-director of Digital Humanities Center
347 Sutton Hall

Bryna Siegel Finer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing Teacher Education, First-Year Writing, Researched Writing, Rhetorical Genre Studies
209C Leonard Hall

Helen Sitler, PhD

Associate Professor, Composition and Reading Pedagogy, Teacher Development
360 Sutton Hall

Thomas J. Slater, PhD

Associate Professor, American Silent Film, Film and Literature, Film Theory and Language
345 Sutton Hall

Rosalee Stilwell, PhD

Associate Professor, Rhetoric: the Study of Power and Persuasion in Human Discourse
Co-director of Student Success Through Advising Program, Co-director of The Bridge Program
215 Faculty Suites,
IUP Punxsutawney Regional Campus

Todd Thompson, PhD

Assistant Professor, 18th and 19th century American literature and culture, literature and politics, political satire, popular media, and the Harlem Renaissance
201B Leonard Hall

Judith Hagan Villa, PhD

Associate Professor, Popular Culture and Film, Multicultural and Women's Literature, Writing Pedagogy
117 Keith Hall

Veronica Watson, PhD

Professor, African American Literature/Culture, Salve Narratives, Social Construction of Race
Director of Frederick Douglass Institute for Intercultural Research
349 Sutton Hall

Daniel J. Weinstein, PhD

Assistant Professor, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Rhetorical Analysis, Collaborative Writing, Creativity, Educational Technology
338 Sutton Hall

Susan Welsh, PhD

Associate Professor (retired), Composition and Rhetoric, American, The Essay

Emily Wender, PhD

Assistant Professor, Response to Literature, Emotion and Literacy, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Inquiry and Teacher Education
344 Sutton Hall

Michael M. Williamson, PhD

Professor, Writing Assessment, Technology and Literacy, Research Methodology, HIstorical Research
351 Sutton Hall,

Michael T. Williamson, PhD

Professor, 19th-Century British Literature, Poetry, Composition, Travel Writing
350 Sutton Hall

Carolyn Wisniewski, PhD

Assistant Professor, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Writing Program Administration, Postsecondary Writing Teacher Education
209B Sutton Hall

Lingyan Yang, PhD

Associate Professor, Asian American/Diasporic Cultural Criticism/Literature, Critical Theories, Minority Literature
339 Sutton Hall

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