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Concentration in Elementary Mathematics Education

Learn more about mathematics! Gain a deeper understanding of mathematics and how it can be conceptualized in elementary school. These courses are designed specifically for Elementary Education majors. The program consists of 15 hours in mathematics. After you take MATH 151 and 152 (Elements of Mathematics I and II), you select nine hours (three courses) from the courses below. Completing this concentration will be indicated on your diploma and will be an excellent addition to your resume!

You must submit the Mathematics Concentration Application Form in order for the concentration to appear on your transcript. Return the form to Dr. Edel Reilly, or you can speak with her if you have further questions.

MATH 317: Probability and Statistics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Learn how to collect, interpret, and analyze data using hands-on activities and technology.

MATH 420: Patterns and Functions for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Explore the rich world of mathematical patterns and relations.

MATH 456: Geometry for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Learn geometry using an intuitive, activity-based approach.

MATH 457: Number Theory for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Explore the fascinating world of numbers and patterns.

MATH 458: Logic and Logical Games for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Study how games and strategies can be used to teach logic concepts and mathematical thinking.

MATH 459: Technology in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Instruction
Explore with hands-on experiences how to use technology to teach mathematics in new and exciting ways.

MATH 461: Discrete Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Explore topics in discrete mathematics including systematic counting, graphing coloring, networks and their applications.

MATH 471: Basic Concepts in Algebra
Learn how algebra can be thought of in interesting ways, with hands-on activities.

MATH 481: Special Topics in Mathematics
Special topics in mathematics, relevant to elementary and middle school education.


  • Testing out of MATH 151 or MATH 152 by the exemption exam does not count toward the concentration. An additional course from the above courses would be taken in this case.
  • The prerequisite for the courses listed is successful completion of MATH 152 or exemption.
  • A maximum of one course passed with a grade of C or better (above MATH 101) may be used as a three-credit substitution with the approval of the Chair of the Elementary Mathematics Education Committee. A substitution should be cleared before enrolling in any concentrate courses beyond MATH 152.
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