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BA in Chemistry

A careful selection of electives for the curriculum leading to the BA in Chemistry will qualify the student for entrance into many fields in which there is an acute need for educated people and, at the same time, satisfy the entrance requirements of various professional and graduate schools.

Chemistry Courses (35 cr)

CHEM 111      General Chemistry I  (or CHEM 113 Advanced General Chemistry I) (4cr)
CHEM 112      General Chemistry II (or CHEM 114 Advanced General Chemistry II) (4cr)
CHEM 214      Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry  (3 cr)
CHEM 231      Organic Chemistry I  (4cr)
CHEM 232      Organic Chemistry II  (4 cr) 
CHEM 290      Chemistry Seminar I  (1 cr) 
CHEM 325      Analytical Chemistry I  (4 cr)  
CHEM 341      Physical Chemistry I (4 cr)  
CHEM 343      Physical Chemistry Laboratory I  (1 cr) 
CHEM 390      Chemistry Seminar II (1 cr)  
BIOC 301       Foundations of Biochemistry (3 cr)  

Controlled Electives: At least three credits from CHEM or BIOC at or above the 300-level.

Other Requirements (22-25 cr)

BIOL 202       Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology  (4 cr)  
MATH 171, MATH 216, or MATH 241 (3 cr)
Planned program in complementary field (15-18 cr) 

Free Electives (16-19 cr)

Liberal Studies Requirements (44 cr) 

As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:

Mathematics: MATH 125
Natural Sciences: PHYS 131/141 and 132/142; or PHYS 111/112 and 121/122
Liberal Studies electives: MATH 126, no courses with CHEM prefix

Helpful Documents

Chemistry BA Program
Chemistry BA Checklist
Chemistry BA Suggested Course Sequence

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