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2006-2007 Annual Report

Allegheny Arboretum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This report summarizes the activities of the Allegheny Arboretum Board from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007, and presents some of the activities the board would like to pursue in the coming fiscal year.

  1. Due to the implementation of Phase II of the Residential Revival on the IUP campus, the Touch and Smell Garden was demolished in May of 2007. The garden was maintained since its creation in 1981 by the Evergreen Garden Club of Indiana. The garden was located on the original site of the Shakespeare Garden, which existed from 1952 to 1969. This garden was maintained by the Indiana Garden Club of Indiana, but faded away due to the inability of the university to help maintain the garden. Many of the plants in the Touch and Smell Garden were saved, and some will be used in the proposed new garden, to be located near the site of the Touch and Smell Garden. Input from the Evergreen Garden Club and the Arboretum Board will be provided in the design of the new garden, expected to be constructed in the summer of 2008.
  2. The Tree Tour Map and Guide to the labeled campus trees was printed and distributed to several locations on campus and the community. The guide has been updated because some of the labeled trees have been cut down due to construction and additional trees have been added to the list. The guide was listed in the winter issue of the Keystone Gardener, the official publication of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.
  3. A Design Review Committee consisting of board members has been created to work with the university on landscaping design issues that will be associated with the green spaces around the new residential housing. Final plans will not be made until Phase II of the Residential Revival project is completed in the summer of 2008.
  4. Student Projects
    • Dennis Ausel from the Communications Media department had his Electronic Imaging class create posters that could be used for marketing the arboretum.
    • Whit Watts from the Department of Geography and Regional Planning had students in his Planning Design I class develop a design plan to create a Stouffer Hall Learning Garden. The proposal involves creating an outdoor garden in which students in education classes can learn and apply techniques in interactive instruction. The space would be available to conduct college courses and would be a niche garden for recreation on campus. The garden would be located in the green space on the west side of Stouffer Hall.
  5. As part of the arboretum’s Outreach Program, twelve identification plaques were placed on selected trees in Indiana’s Memorial Park. Each plaque provides the following information about each tree: common and scientific names for the species and family, distribution, and if native. The locations of each of the forty total trees in the park were also mapped.
  6. The board was informed that a Campus Heritage Preservation Plan will be prepared by the Pennsylvania History and Landmarks Foundation. Funding for the project was provided by the Getty Foundation Campus Heritage Grants Program. A landscaping component will be included in the final report, to be completed in the summer of 2009.
  7. Due to widespread construction on the main campus, the Arboretum Collection Committee recommended a tree planting plan be developed for the south campus area. Initially, eleven trees are to be planted during the summer on the slope north of the baseball field. Additional plantings are planned for the fall. The arboretum board is cooperating with the university to develop a long range tree planting plan for the south campus.
  8. Due to construction activities on the main campus, only one tree (Sugar Maple–Acer saccharum) was planted on campus. It was placed on the north side of the Oak Grove.
  9. Plaques were placed on the following six donated benches.
    • In Memory of Judith Jones Williams ’68
      Ben R. Williams
    • Aurelia Ibarra-Ramos De Lattanzi
      Exchange Student 1958
      November 29, 1937–September 3, 2000
    • In Honor of Our Parents
      Robert B. ’42 and Mary C. Ault
      Joseph & Verna G. Korywchak
      Deus, Familia, Patria
      Children and Grandchildren
    • Dr. Bernard A. ’60 and Bonnie Moreau
      Retired IUP Faculty
    • The Robert Duggan Memorial Bench
      Susan Delaney, Mark Holman, Robert Hovanec, David Johnson, Kim Lyttle, David Osikowicz, Timothy Pulte, Samuel Smith, Gealy Wallwork
    • Friends and Family of Dana Kriebel
  10. The following changes occurred in the Allegheny Arboretum Board membership.
    • George Lenz, White Township Supervisor, and Tony Neese, Grounds Supervisor at IUP, left the board.
    • New members include Tom Lord, a member of the Biology department at IUP, and Chris Weiland, a member of the IUP Art department.
  11. Members of the board had meetings with the following to discuss the development of the arboretum and/or possible funding sources:
    • Tony Atwater, President of IUP
    • Lynn Barger, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at IUP
    • Robert Davies, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at IUP
    • Dennis Hulings, Executive Director Student Cooperative Association at IUP
    • Betsey Lauber, Main Street Manager of Downtown Indiana
    • Jeff Raykes, Senior Planner for the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development
    • Bryon Stauffer, Jr., Executive Director for the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development
  12. Jerry Pickering, board chairperson, attended a Heritage Interpretation Seminar on the design and construction of interpretative panels. The information obtained will be useful in the development of proposed arboretum kiosks.
  13. Discussions with the Center for Turning and Furniture Design included the following items:
    • The proposed Donor Recognition Display in Sutton Hall will need to be resubmitted for approval by the university’s new senior staff.
    • A final prototype of the Donor Wood Tile will be completed with plans to distribute the tiles by the end of 2007.
    • Cooperated with the university when trees were cut down on campus to cut the timbers using the center’s portable ban saw. The cut boards will be stored and dried in the proposed pole-drying shed that will be constructed near the Robertshaw building on campus. The recycled wood will be used in various ways, including arboretum-related projects.
  14. Due to the demolition of Gordon Hall, the arboretum office was relocated to the Robertshaw Building. The new address is:
    The Allegheny Arboretum
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Robertshaw Building
    650 South Thirteenth Street
    Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705-1087
    Phone: 724-357-3322
  15. Budget Summary
    - Balance – July 1, 2006: $23,578.17
    - Income: $13,712.35
    - Expenditures: $2,599.91
    - Management fees: $411.37
    - Trees: $275.00
    - White oak cross-cut display: $520.00
    - Tree straps, plaques, and accession tags: $1,393.54
    - Balance – June 30, 2007: $34,690.61

2007-2008 Proposed Activities

  1. Continue to cooperate with the IUP Institutional Advancement staff in particular to pursue sources of revenue to fund the Allegheny Arboretum Master Plan and continue to solicit funds to support the development of the Allegheny Arboretum.
  2. Continue to work with IUP’s Center for Turning and Furniture Design to coordinate the construction of the Recognition Hall Display in Sutton Hall, the production and distribution of Recognition Wood Tiles engraved with the new Allegheny Arboretum logo, and the development of a plan for the construction of an Allegheny Arboretum kiosk on campus.
  3. To cooperate with the university regarding issues related to the development of the Campus Heritage Preservation Plan, landscaping on campus, approval of the Recognition Hall Display, and installation of the white oak cross-section display.
  4. Work with the Evergreen Garden Club of Indiana, the Foundation for IUP, and the university in the planning and construction of the new niche garden to replace the Touch and Smell Garden.
  5. Continue to promote proposed landscaping plans developed by students for the Stapleton Plaisance and the Stouffer Hall Learning Garden.
  6. Update the Map and Guide to the Labeled Campus Trees brochure.
  7. Evaluate and upgrade the Allegheny Arboretum website.
  8. Continue discussions with the IUP Cooperative Association to develop a cooperative plan for the Co-op Recreation Area.
  9. Continue to promote the East Lawn Renovation and Restoration Project.
  10. Continue to work with administrators, faculty members, and students at IUP to promote arboretum-related projects.
  11. Continue to cultivate contacts with local organizations.
  12. Continue to develop ways to market the Allegheny Arboretum.
  13. Continue to implement the goals and objectives of the Allegheny Arboretum.

Allegheny Arboretum Board Members

Ruth Berry ’26, District Chair, Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania
N. Bharathan, Biology Department, IUP
W. Thomas Borellis, Director, Student Housing Development, Foundation for IUP
Meg Citeroni, Student Representative, Phi Eta Sigma
Robert Crusan, Urban Forestry Consultants, Inc.
John Cuccaro, Trim Tree Nursery
Carla Eichman ’79, Member, Evergreen Garden Club of Indiana
Pamela Fetterman ’00, Director, Office of Donor Relations, Foundation for IUP
Mark Geletka, Assistant Vice President of Administration, IUP
Thomas Lord, Biology Department, IUP
Alice O’Dell, Member, Indiana Garden Club
Jerry Pickering, Chairperson, Allegheny Arboretum Board, Biology Department, IUP, retired
Robert Pollock, Treasurer, Allegheny Arboretum Board, Director, Penn State Cooperative Extension
G. Fred Schrock ’58, M’61, Biology Department, retired, IUP Alumnus
Sean Schwartz, Pikes Peak Nurseries
Whit Watts, Geography and Regional Planning Department, IUP
Chris Weiland ’72, Art Department, IUP

2006-2007 Arboretum Supporters

Gina F. Antonucci
Terry (’79, M’81) and Janice M. Quinn (’80, M’92) Appolonia
J. Sam Barker (’73) and Elizabeth A. Kreidler (’82)
Chad E. Buckwalter
Karl R. and Donna J. Buggey
Mark E. Collins, Jr. (’06)
Matthew W. (’86, M’91) and Mary-Margaret Wiker (M’95) Conjelko
Robert D. Crusan
Craig D. Faish
George W. and Lynda M. Federoff
D. Kathleen Greenwell (’71)
Karen Philippi Gresh (’67)
Charles R., Jr. (’82) and Regan Houser
Michael and Kimberely J. Hall (‘87, M’89, D’92) Husenits
Indiana Garden Club
Ronald A. (’68) and Bonita Juliette
Tammi L. Kellar
Kathleen E. Krohn (M’07)
Corbin Krug and Laurie Roehrich
A. Frank Lattanzi (’61)
Alan W. (’87, M’89) and Rhonda H. Luckey
Dasen Luo
Brandon T. Marree (’07)
Calvin O. and Bonnie Masilela
Bryce W. and Marcia L. McCarty (’94, ’06)
Bernard A. (’60, M’67) and Bonnie Moreau
Tonya R. Patterson
Leonora Pezzuti
Jerry L. and Susan E. Pickering (’85, M’89)
Catherine Raeff
Bennett A. and Mary Ann Rafoth
William T. Ray and Beverly J. Goodwin
Jaime, Jr. and Cassandra L. Bullers (’92, M’04) Reyes
Donald U. and Bernadette Robertson
Daniel D. Sadler
Jeffrey and Cheryl T. Samuels
Jonathan B. (’82) and Mary Fran Smith
Daniel W. Sparks
Lloyd K. Stires
Student Cooperative Association
Vincent P. and Elke U. Taiani
Gordon F. and Sally W. (M’77) Thornton
Michael N. Vaporis and Pearl S. Berman
Gealy W. and Betty B. Wallwork
Benton R. Williams
Jeffrey S. and Teresa A. Williams
Robert L. and Josephine Yarup
Mary L. Zanich
Cyril J. and Mary Lou Zenisek
Susan T. Zimny

With your support…

The Allegheny Arboretum continues to grow, but additional funding is needed in order to meet our objectives. Contributions can be made by contacting the Office of Annual Giving at 724-357-4832 or via the arboretum webpage.

Thank you for your growing support of the Allegheny Arboretum.

  • The Allegheny Arboretum
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Robertshaw Building
    650 S 13th Street
    Indiana, PA 15705-1087
  • Phone: 724-357-3322