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Message from the President

The following is a message from Tony Atwater, former IUP president:

March 22, 2006

I wish to report that the Middle States site visitation at IUP has concluded with an overall positive review of the university. Earlier today an oral exit interview with the Middle States Reaccreditation Team concluded its three-day campus visit. While the teams written report will follow, I wanted to share some preliminary observations.

Dr. Donald Langenberg, chair of the Middle States visiting team, observed that “This is the best self-study I have ever seen,” a comment echoed by all of the other members of the accreditation team during the interview. Dr. Langenberg is the chancellor emeritus of the University System of Maryland and is an experienced accreditation team member.

The team made some very positive and helpful suggestions and recommendations for our consideration, including coordination of the assessment process. We also were asked to submit our Liberal Studies Review and Strategic Planning documents as they are completed.

I want to offer my sincere appreciation to all members of the University community who have been part of this important process and who have made time to be part of the forums and meetings held during the past three days. Special thanks go to the Steering Committee; Dr. Nick Kolb, head of the steering committee; his administrative assistant, Mrs. Jean Serio, and Dr. Ben Rafoth, the faculty writer for the study, for their leadership throughout this process.

When we receive the reaccreditation report later this spring, we will share it widely. I will welcome your comments and suggestions, as the University will then have an opportunity to respond to its recommendations and findings.

I want to end this message with a quote from Dr. Dennis Black, a member of the Steering Committee from the University of Buffalo: “The team found this is an exciting time to be at IUP. There is a great atmosphere of enthusiasm for the future of IUP among its staff, faculty and students. IUP is definitely moving forward!”

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