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Eberly College of Business

Pierce, Elizabeth. (Coauthored with Richard Wang, Stuart Madnick, and Craig Fisher.) Information Quality. M. E. Sharpe, April 2005.

College of Education and Educational Technology

Dudt, Kurt P. (Coauthored with Erick Lauber.) Threatened Homes for the Homeless. Indiana University, Bloomington, 2005. [documentary]

Lauber, Erick. (Coauthored with Kurt Dudt.) Threatened Homes for the Homeless. Indiana University, Bloomington, 2005. [documentary]

Nolan, Joseph E. (Coauthored with Sean Sadler.) Leisure Choices: A Computerized Pictorial Leisure Inventory. Independently published, December 2005. [software program]

Yan, Wenfan. (Coauthored with Xia Chuan.) Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences: Step by Step. Jiangshu Education Publishing House, December 2005. [Chinese translation]

College of Fine Arts

Palmisano, Susan. Imaginary Woman. ANEKS Gallery/The Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, Poland, June 2005. [solo exhibition of paintings]

Stamp, Jack. Bandancing. Neil Kjos Music Co., April 2005. [5 movement composition for concert band]

Stamp, Jack. Composer’s Voice: Band Music of William Schuman. Klavier Recordings, December 2005. [cd recording of complete band works and interview with William Schuman.]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. Hoverings. Artist Image Resource, April/May 2005. [solo exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. V Biennial of Visual Arts of Nicaragua. Teatro Rubén Dario, Managua, Nicaragua, November 2005. [catalogue, group exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. Photography Plus. Bowman and Megahan Galleries, November 2005. [group exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. Accessibility 2005. Site-Specific Installation Festival, Sumter, SC, 2005. [group exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. Cultural Transport/Moving Targets. International Printmaking Conference, Germany – Poland, 2005. [group exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. XIII Bienal Internacional de Arte de Vila Nova de Cerveira/XIII International Vila Nova de Cerveira Biennial of Art. Portugal, 2005. [group exhibition]

Villalobos-Echeverria, Patricia. Three Rivers Art Festival. Pittsburgh, 2005. [group exhibition]

College of Health and Human Services

Ferguson, Lon. (Coauthored with Chris Janicak.) Fire Protection for the Safety Professional. Government Institutes, October 2005.

Janicak, Chris. (Coauthored with Lon Ferguson.) Fire Protection for the Safety Professional. Government Institutes, October 2005.

Merlo, Alida V. (Coauthored with Joycelyn M. Pollock.) Women, Law and Social Control (2nd Edition). Allyn and Bacon, July 2005.

Mutchnick, Robert. Introduction to Corrections. Prentice Hall, September 2005.

Myers, David L. Boys Among Men: Trying and Sentencing Juveniles as Adults. Praeger, 2005.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bahgat, Gawdat. Israel and the Persian gulf: Retrospect and Prospect. University Press of Florida, December 2005.

Downing, David. The Knowledge Contract: Politics and Paradigms in the Academic Workplace. University of Nebraska Press, September 2005.

Glisan, Eileen W. (Coauthored with Judith L. Shrum.) Teacher’s Handbook: Contextualized Language Instruction (3rd Edition). Thomson Heinle Publishers, 2005.

Jurewiez, Liliana Elizabet. La familia sobre las tablas: Un testimonio violento. Editorial Pliegos, Spain, 2005.

McAndrew, Donald A. Literacy Leadership: Six Strategies for Peoplework. International Reading Association, 2005.

Rafoth, Ben. A Tutor’s Guide: Helping Writers One to One (2nd Edition). Heinemann, July 2005.

Rodriguez, Lydia H. El mestizaje del canon: Helena Maria Viramontes. Editorial Pliegos, 2005.

Sell, Mike. (1) Avant-Garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism: Approaching the Living Theater, Happenings and Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement; (2) The Ed Bullins Reader. University of Michigan Press, Fall 2005.

Wang, Xi. Principles and Compromises: The Spirit and Practice of the American Constitution (Revised and Expanded Edition, in Chinese). Peking University Press, September 2005.

Whited, Tamara L. (Coauthored with Hilde Ibsen, Jens Ivo Engels, Wybren Verstegen, and Richard Hoffmann.) Northern Europe: An Environmental History. ABC-Clio, August 2005.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Berman, Pearl S. (Coauthored with Susan N. Shopland.) Interviewing and Diagnostic Exercises for Clinical and Counseling Skills Building. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005.

Meil, Bill. Foundations of Physiological Psychology (Instructor’s Manual 6th Edition). Allyn and Bacon, 2005.

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