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IRB Responsibilities

  1. All research projects involving the use of human subjects must be submitted to the IRB for approval. If it is unclear whether the proposed research involves human subjects, the investigator should seek assistance from the assistant dean for Research. Applications shall be submitted to the IRB chair well in advance of the deadline for which the proposal is to be submitted (if being submitted to an external funding agency) or on which the research is to begin. If external funding is being sought, one copy of the complete proposal must be submitted along with the IRB application. Application forms are available in the IRB Forms and Applications webpage. The Office of the Assistant Dean will log in and send to the IRB chair to review the application material for procedural omissions prior to distribution to the full committee for its review in advance of the next scheduled meeting.
  2. The IRB will meet at least once each month with due regard for a thorough but speedy assessment of applications. The IRB meeting schedule will be distributed to college and departmental offices and is available on the Meetings webpage. Therefore, to ensure consideration of an application by the IRB in any given month, the principal investigator must initially submit one copy of a completed application to the assistant dean for Research no later than ten days prior to the next scheduled meeting. This will allow sufficient time for the screening process prior to the monthly IRB meeting. When the proposal contains copyrighted materials, the investigator is asked to send one original set of these materials. The board will share access to the one copy as needed.
  3. Some departments have established a special departmental committee to review applications prior to submission to the IRB. Although not a requirement, the IRB encourages this practice. If your department has such a committee, please complete this review before forwarding to the IRB.
  4. An expedited review procedure is possible for those applications which involve no more than minimal risk to subjects and also fall under one of the research categories eligible for expedited review or fall under the categories exempted by federal regulations. (See the list at Expedited Categories and Exempt Categories.) Final determination as to whether a specific project is eligible for expedited review can only be made by the IRB. For information as to whether or not your research project falls under either of these category definitions, contact the IRB chair.
  5. Final approval by the IRB shall require a majority vote by members present. If the IRB agrees that the proposed research protects human subjects in accordance with established standards, its conclusion shall constitute certification of approval. A letter of approval will be sent to the investigator. The faculty advisor will be copied on any correspondence sent to a student investigator.
  6. In the case of a proposal being submitted to an external funding agency, certification of IRB approval of the protocol will be included in materials submitted to the external funding source. Documentation of IRB approval will be submitted in the form required by the agency.
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