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Model Protocols and Consent Forms

The Institutional Review Board provides sample protocols below as reference materials for investigators.

These protocols represent complete and approved materials, and the board views each of these samples as high quality works. We present them for your use with the gracious consent of each of the principal investigators represented.

It is important for people who view and refer to these materials to understand that each protocol represents a unique application of the principles of human subjects protections in the context of the specific academic issue under investigation. As a result, the materials you see will vary widely in the extent to which the methods used by investigators are directly applicable to a project in which you may be involved.

As always, the IRB welcomes your comments and questions about the usefulness of these resources.

  • "Toward Better Student Understanding of Limiting Reagent Phenomena." Principal Investigator: Colin Ashe, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry. View as PDF.
  • “Rural Reentry: College Students' Perceptions of Recently Released Offenders.” Principal Investigator: Kyle Ward, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Criminology. View as PDF.
  • “Impact of a Reading Program on Rural Elementary Students' Acquisition of Oral Reading Fluency and Early Literacy Skills.” Principal Investigator: Christina Smith, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Educational & School Psychology. View as PDF.
  • “Intergenerational Transmission of Vernacular Literacy Practices in Three- and Four-Generation Appalachian Women.” Principal Investigator: Amy Dawn Clark, Doctoral Student, Department of English (Composition and TESOL). View as Word document or PDF.
  • “An Analysis of Criminal Situations: Decision Making and Other Contextual Factors of Robbery and Assault.” Principal Investigator: Kendra Brown, Doctoral Student, Department of Criminology. View as PDF.
  • “Effects of Vocal Training on Respiration, Phonation, and Articulation.” Principal Investigator: Ana Mendes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services. View as Word document or PDF.
  • “The Role of the School Psychologist in Transition Planning: A Survey of Transition Coordinators and School Psychologists in Pennsylvania.” Principal Investigator: David J. Lillenstein, Doctoral Candidate, with Ed Levinson, Ed.D., Professor and Committee Chair, Department of Educational and School Psychology. View as Word document or PDF.
  • “Assessing Problematic Internet Usage and Correlations with Self-Regulation and Personality Factors.” Principal Investigator: M. Bertille Donohoe, Doctoral Student, Psy.D. program, Department of Psychology. View as Word document or PDF.
  • “Culturally Focused Batterer Counseling for African American Men.” Principal Investigator: Edward Gondolf, Professor of Sociology/Associate Director of Research, MARTI (Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute). View as Word document or PDF.
  • “For Whom Does School Size Matter? Evidence from Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).” Principal Investigator: Susan E. Greenaway, Doctoral Student, Department of Professional Studies in Education. View as Word document.
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