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If You Have Opted Out

If you have opted out of receiving IUP emergency notifications—for instance, by replying to the opt out message—you can opt back in to be included in the notification list.

If you have never registered for emergency notifications before, please follow the regular directions to register for notification.

If you have registered and then opted out, there are three ways to opt back in:

  1. Call the 2SMS support number at 877-276-7266 and request your cell phone number to be opted back into the system to receive messages from IUP.
  2. Send an e-mail message to with your name, cell phone number, and the request “Please opt my number back in to the system to receive messages from IUP.”
  3. Fill out the Opt Back In form on this website.

After completing your Opt In request, you will then receive the Opt Out message with the option to reply with “STOP.” Do not reply to this message! If you do, it will immediately remove you again from the system.

Consult the IUP Emergency Plan for basic information about what to do in various types of emergencies.