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Howard Z. Fitzgerald Essay Contest


First prize: $250

Second prize: $150

Third prize: $100


  1. Competition restricted to papers submitted to a Philosophy professor at IUP.
  2. Papers must be typed, at least six double-spaced pages in length, and written in standard font with standard margins.
  3. Paper must be prepared for blind review by removing all identifying remarks (including author’s name), and by providing a detachable cover sheet with author’s name, e-mail address, and the paper’s title.
  4. All submissions must include a bibliography.
  5. Papers submitted during a previous competition should not be submitted again.
  6. To be judged not only on philosophical content and the quality of critical arguments, but also in style and composition.
  7. To be judged by a panel of Philosophy faculty members.
  8. Award winners will provide copies of their winning essays to Howard Z. Fitzgerald.

2012 Winners

First place: Christian Minich, “Ceteris Paribus: The War Over the Constants of Immortality”

Second place: Sophia Hosterman, “Between a Diamond and a Hard Place: Interpreting the Tractatus”

Third place: Leah Keller, “Closed Due to Cognition: Colin McGinn’s Theory of Cognitive Closure”

2011 Winners

First prize: Christian Minich, “Navigating Charybdis and Scylla: Mulligan and Heil's Account of Relations”

Second prize: Chaz McCown, “Nietzsche's Metaphysiological Aesthetics in The Birth of Tragedy

Third prize: Sophia Hosterman, “Establishing the Untenability of Scientific Realism”

2010 Winners

First prize: Ronald Radzai, “Interpretive Method and Hume's Appendix Retration in theTreatise

Second prize: Christian Minich, “Deficiency of Forms: Superiority of the Exact Property View in the Phaedo

Third prize: Charles McCown, “Relations—All In Your Head?”

2009 Winners

First prize: Tommy Hanauer, “Contra Scientific Realism”

Second prize: Carole Walker, “The Akratic Shoe-Shopper: Can We Knowingly Choose What is Bad for Us?”

Third prize: Jason Patton, “Free Will”

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