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For in-text citations, substitute Internet text divisions for page numbers.

Internet sources are rarely marked with page numbers, which will occasionally prevent you from showing exactly where cited material comes from. If a source has internal divisions, use these instead of page numbers. Examples include the introduction and the topic headings.

In the following example, the citation is taken from the introduction of the document. Place the author’s last name (Herrington) and the section title (Introduction) in parentheses:

  • “Negroponte’s uncomplicated, personal tone fools the reader into a sense that his theses are simplistic” (Herrington “Introduction”).

Example Works Cited Entries

World Wide Web Site

To cite a source you obtained from the World Wide Web, provide as much of the following information as possible, in this order:

  • Author’s name (if known). If not known, use the title of the document.
  • Title of document, in quotation marks. If there is no title, create one using the first several words of the document.
  • Title of complete work (if applicable), in italics or underlined. This is usually the name of the website.
  • Date of publication or last revision (if known).
  • URL, in angle brackets, like this: < >
  • Date you accessed the site, in parentheses.


(Note: these citations should use “hanging indentation” on your Works Cited page)

  • Harris, Jonathan G. “The Return of the Witch Hunts.” Witchhunt Information Page. 28 May 1996. <> (7 March 2005).
  • “Gender Issues in Computer Networking.” Computers and Society. 2004. <> (7 March 2005).

Also see Citing On Line with MLA.

The information on this page is from:
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