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Implementation Responsibilities for NSF Noyce Scholars Program

Grant Recipient/Administrator: PASSHE
Scholarship Fund Administrator: PASSHE Foundation
PI: Dr. N. Bharathan, IUP
Performing Organization: CETP-PA Project
Evaluation: IUP Center for Educational and Program Evaluation

  • Establishes sub-awards and sub-agreements
  • Conducts grant accounting and financial reporting
  • Provides guidance and technical assistance to PASSHE Foundation, et. al., regarding program requirements

PASSHE Foundation Office

  1. Sets application deadlines in consultation with PI
  2. Receives, records applications
  3. Forwards applications to PI
  4. Notifies Noyce recipients, ensures signed agreements with recipients and sends awards to their university
  5. Ensures recipients maintain eligibility status
  6. Monitors compliance with teaching placement and related reporting
  7. Collects funds in case of defaults and determines repayment process

Principal Investigator

  1. Chairs recruitment and selection process
  2. Receives applications from Foundation Office
  3. Convenes Scholarship Committee to screen and rank applicants
  4. Forwards list of awardees to Foundation Office
  5. Ensures Centers maintain contact with recipients
  6. Ensures recipients meet post-certification requirements
  7. Ensures conduct and completion of evaluation process
  8. Coordinates ongoing mentoring and support through M/S Centers
  9. Prepares annual report for NSF, provides data for inclusion in national data base, participates in NSF meetings, as may be requested

Science and Math Center Director, or Designee

  1. Disseminates scholarship announcement information
  2. Serves as point of contact for applicants: assists in application process
  3. Reviews completed application and forwards to Foundation Office
  4. Provides support and mentoring to Noyce recipients during academic years
  5. Provides on-line support and mentoring during induction years leading to tenure, as appropriate
  6. Provides teaching materials and resources, as appropriate
  7. Provides ongoing professional development and Act 48 credits
  8. Facilitates contacts with appropriate Urban Seminar program coordinators, as appropriate
  9. Appropriate Dean or their designee serves as Noyce Contact person on each university campus

CareerLink Offices

A statewide career transition service involving career counseling and placement programs 96 local offices

  1. Develops awareness of Noyce opportunity to regional directors, project staff and local counselors
  2. Advertises and recruits Robert Noyce applicants through brochures to targeted regions and office locations
  3. Provides Noyce information on the CareerLink website
  4. Provides Noyce application packets to rapid response staff
  5. Assists in completion and submission of applications

Center for Educational and Program Evaluation (CEPE)

Grant evaluator to assess attainment of project s goals

CEPE Responsibilities

Qualitative and Quantitative data will be collected through:

  1. Information on applications
  2. Participant self-reporting
  3. Surveys to participants
  4. Student teaching evaluations of participants
  5. Induction year evaluations of participants
  6. Surveys to school district employers

PASSHE Foundation Responsibilities

Monitors progress of teachers in meeting obligations

  1. Surveys to awardee and awardee s employer
  2. Prepares annual internal report

Project Director Responsibilities

Provides information required by NSF for the national evaluation and other reports

  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Weyandt Hall, Room 305
    975 Oakland Avenue
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2609
  • Fax: 724-357-5700
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.