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Logical Security


System Administrators are responsible for limiting access to computing resources to authorized users from the University or its affiliates. Access will be granted based on the minimum access required. Public access will be restricted to pre-defined cases documented by the System Administrator. System Administrators must document and follow account management procedures that detail the creation, maintenance, and removal of accounts on each system and associated account password standards.

In addition, System Administrators will limit access to root, administrator, or privileged accounts/rights to employees that absolutely require such access.

Secured Hosts

All systems connected to the university network will be administered with a “secured host” model where all unnecessary services are removed and all vendor security patches are applied to each system before it is placed into production. Moreover, once the system is in production the System Administrator is responsible for monitoring and installing security patches released by vendors whose products are utilized on each system and maintaining documentation of same.

Virus Scanning

System Administrators will install and actively maintain virus scanning software on their systems and the systems of their Users.

Active Monitoring

System Administrators will actively monitor all logs for the systems that they administer, including the deployment of any appropriate Intrusion Detection Systems. System Administrators may conduct security scans for any systems that they directly administer. Security scans of other systems on the Unversity network are strictly prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained from the Information Systems Security Officer except for the central Risk Assessment & Monitoring functions performed by the Technology Services Center as detailed in item (3).

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