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University and College Representatives

Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF)

Dr. Shirley Johnson
Dr. Joseph Marcoline

University Senate

Dr. Sue Rieg (second year of two-year term)

University Senate at Large

Dr. Valeri Helterbran (first year of two-year term)
Dr. DeAnna Laverick (second year of two-year term)

COE-ET Technology Committee Elected Representative

Dr. Crystal Machado

COE-ET Scholarship Elected Representative

Dr. Shirley Johnson

COE-ET Research Committee Elected Representative

Dr. Kelli Jo Moran

COE-ET Recruitment Committee

Dr. Susie Fello
Dr. Sue Rieg

COE-ET Graduate Council Elected Representatvie

Dr. Frank Corbett

Student Organizations’ Advisors


Dr. Meghan Twiest


Dr. Shirley Johnson

Kappa Delta Pi

Dr. DeAnna Laverick
Dr. Joann Migyanka

Living, Learning Center


Graduate Council

Dr. Frank Corbett
Dr. Crystal Machado
Dr. Robert Millward

Teacher Education Coordinator Council (TECC)

Dr. Suzie Fello (MIDL)
Dr. Sue Glor-Scheib (ECSP CCAC)
Dr. Joann Migyanka (ECSP)
Dr. Kelli Jo Moran (ELED/ECSP CCAC)
Dr. Laurie Nicholson (ELED)
Dr. Sue Rieg (ECSP)

COE-ET Non-Teacher Ed Curriculum Committee Elected Representative

Dr. DeAnna Laverick

COE-ET College Structural Study Committee Elected Representative

Dr. Mark Twiest

COE-ET Dean's Faculty Advisory Group Elected Representative

Library Liaison for Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Laurie Nicholson

IUP Institutional Review Board

Dr. Beatrice S. Fennimore