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Model Core Standards

  1. Subject Matter 
  2. Student Learning 
  3. Diverse Learners 
  4. Instructional Strategies (includes ISTE standards)
  5. Learning Environment 
  6. Communication Techniques 
  7. Planning Instruction 
  8. Assessment Strategies 
  9. Reflection and Professional Development 
  10. Collaboration, Ethics, and Relationships 


For each standard, you will need to include one or more artifacts that demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions related to the standard. Your entire collection of examples must demonstrate your professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. However, individual examples may illustrate only one, two, or all three of these.

Record on your “Artifact Excel Record” what standard the artifact is linked to and whether it is documenting your demonstration of knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions. This record will be a quick reference for you and others following your portfolio development.

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