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As a sponsor of student interns, an employer looks forward to a year-round source of highly motivated young professionals, often with specialized academic training in business. Internships give employers a special staff for short-term projects or long-term ongoing operations, with scheduling during all parts of the year to meet their needs. Business internships give employers a flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term commitment and freeing permanent professional staff for alternative work. Most importantly, employers receive a chance to preview the performance of strong candidates for future employment in a variety of job settings.

By taking part in internship programs, employers also assist universities and colleges by providing linkages to the business community—contact that is important if academic institutions are to respond to the needs of business. In return, employers are asked to monitor, guide, and supervise their student interns while utilizing their career-related skills and promoting professional development.

Employers are expected to orient students to their role and responsibilities and to policies and procedures; to assign varied responsibilities that utilize career-related skills and promote students’ professional development; and to monitor, guide, supervise, and evaluate job performance of student interns.

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