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Religious Organizations

Listed below are all religious organizations.

Latter Day Saints Student Association
The purpose of the Latter-Day Saint Student Association is to provide fellowship to young adults and bring them to the pursuit of excellence in character.
Lutheran Student Movement at IUP
Some of the purposes of the Lutheran Student Movement are to support and advance the strengthening and development of the faith and life of students through their participation in the Community of Word and Sacrament; and to encourage active participation in the life and mission of the Lutheran Churches. 
Men of God Christian Fraternity
Men of God Christian Fraternity serves the specific purpose of encouraging each other and others to serve God though leadership, fellowship, discipleship, servant-hood, and evangelism.
Muslim Student Association
Some of the aims and objectives of the Muslim Student Association are to exist as a religious organization and to serve the best interests of the IUP community by fostering understanding between Muslim students and the rest of the community; to organize social and cultural activities such as lectures, festivals, and seminars for the exchange of religious ideas among Muslim students; and to create awareness of Islam among the IUP community.
Nurse’s Christian Fellowship
The mission of Nurse’s Christian Fellowship is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.
Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Some of the aims of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship are to lead Orthodox Christians to grow in the Christian faith and to offer them an opportunity to become fully acquainted and informed about their Orthodox heritage, and to sponsor activities and service projects that are of interest to the group. 
The purpose of Resolved is to help students know Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him, to encourage friendship and fellowship among college students, and to help students get involved in a local church.
Spirit of the Oak
The mission of the Spirit of the Oak is to welcome, respect, and provide a place for discussion of all life-affirming neo-pagan teachings, traditions, and practices; to learn from all; and to share our learning within the group.
Unitarian Universalists at IUP
The mission of the Unitarian Universalists at IUP is to offer support and networking to liberal religious students, faculty, and others by providing fellowship activities and spiritual exploration.
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