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Recognized Programs

Listed below are all recoginized programs.

African American Cultural Center
The African American Cultural Center destines to enhance multicultural sensitivity, eliminate prejudicial behavior, and promote the academic, personal, and social growth of students.
Choral Program
The purpose of the IUP Choral Program is to foster all types of choral music on campus and in the community.
Conversation Club
The goal of the Conversation Club is to facilitate multicultural awareness, diversity, and global goodwill by matching international students with their American peers.
Department of Theater and Dance Company (IUP)
The mission of this program is to serve as a professional-oriented dance company for the entire university community.
Foreign Film and Music Series
The purpose of this program is to promote and raise awareness about diversity and cultural issues through film and music.
Global Ambassadors
Our mission includes promoting the Study Abroad program offered by IUP in conjunction with the Office of International Education.
Homecoming Parade
The purpose of this program is to make and decorate floats for the annual Homecoming Parade.
Ideas and Issues Series (IUP)
The purpose of this program is to invite speakers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to the IUP campus to present and discuss ideas and issues of a topical and/or far-reaching nature.
Indiana Community University Collaborative
The mission of the Indiana Community University Collaborative is to recognize, mobilize, and celebrate student residents as local community assets and promote their development as community members through programs and initiatives designed to foster their identity and development as citizens.
Intercollegiate Athletics
Some of the purposes of Intercollegiate Athletics are to develop an understanding and appreciation of intercollegiate athletics at IUP; to provide opportunities for students to develop their talents through a wide variety of individual and team sports suitable for different body types, interests, and needs; and to provide a focal point for the morale, spirit, and loyalty of the students, alumni, and friends. 
International Day
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International Friendship Program
This program, sponsored by the Office of International Education at IUP, seeks to promote international understanding by bringing together Indiana-area families or individuals and international students that attend IUP.
Intramural Athletics (IUP)
The aim of the Intramural Program is to provide a broad recreational program that will meet the demands, needs, and interests of every student at IUP.
Kipp Gallery
The mission of the Kipp Gallery is to provide a forum for students, faculty, and visual artists; to educate and enrich the life of the community of IUP and the region; and to document, examine, and encourage scholarly research, self expression, and aesthetic appreciation.
Marching Band
The purpose of the IUP Marching Band is to provide music and general entertainment for selected events (football games, parades, concerts).
Miss IUP Scholarship Pageant: Sponsored by Alpha Sigma Tau
The Miss IUP Scholarship Pageant has been set up to organize and conduct a pageant with the intent of giving all university women the opportunity to compete for that title.
Mr. IUP Pageant
The purpose of this program is to allow Alpha Gamma Delta a philanthropic project for the purpose of raising funds for the sole contribution to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Founders Memorial Foundation.
Student Cooperative Association
The Student Co-op provides services, facilities, and activities to enrich the quality of life for the university community at IUP.
The Lively Arts at IUP
The Lively Arts at IUP/Fine Arts Public Events has as its mission to offer the campus community and surrounding areas events not normally presented by other campus presenting organizations.
Theater by the Grove
Theater by the Grove provides opportunities for students to participate in dramatics by taking roles in performances; constructing sets, lighting, and costumes; serving as a stage hand; and working on the business aspect of production. Theater by the Grove productions provide opportunities for students to see live theater and contribute to the cultural life on campus.
University Museum
The primary function of the University Museum shall be to preserve, develop, and display the collections of the University Museum at IUP.
The purpose of this program is to broadcast to the IUP and Indiana County communities to allow IUP students the opportunity to gain actual radio experience and better the relationship between the community and university.
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