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AECT: Instructional Technology Certification

Students in the Adult Education and Communications Technology master’s program may earn the Instructional Technology Specialist Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). This is accomplished by completing the regular sequence of courses in the AECT program and the following requirements:

  1. Students must acquire Act 34 and Act 151 clearance.
  2. Students must complete an approved, graduate-level elective in Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services (EDEX).
  3. Students must complete an approved internship in a media center in a school district orintermediate unit. The internship must include activities that meet PDE standards. See the AECT Internship Handbook explanation of these standards.
  4. For certification, students must complete and submit all required forms and fees to IUP and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Application for Certification

  1. If you are already a Pennsylvania Department of Education-certified teacher, then no testing is necessary. If you are not a PDE-certified teacher, then you must take the PRAXIS I exam (PPST I). This test features reading, writing and mathematics.
  2. After completing and passing the PRAXIS I test, and following the completion of the entire program, the applicant must complete the General Pennsylvania Education Department Application. This can be obtained at 104 Stouffer Hall or at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s website. If using the web site, download forms 338G and 338C.
  3. Complete and mail the application forms, a copy of the front page of your PRAXIS scoring report and a $75 check payable to IUP (processing fee) to Evelyn Mocek, 104 Stouffer Hall, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705.
  4. Once the application has reached the office, the chairperson of the Communications Media Department is contacted to verify completion of the AECT program.
  5. Once verified, the forms will be held until enough have been collected (about 5). If faster application or processing is needed, see Lynnan Mocek at 104 Stouffer Hall.
  6. The forms are then sent by express mail to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The form processing period is two weeks.
  7. After the processing period, certification status will appear on the PDE’s web site. This may be accessed by going to the site and logging in with your social security number. If the status reads “in process,” any school superintendent can expedite certification.
  8. The actual certification forms will arrive in 6-8 weeks at the address listed on the General PDE Application form.