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Court of Honor Preparation Suggestions

(Or, Things I Wish I Had Known)

If your son’s patrol is in charge of the Court of Honor, there are things the parents can do to help. The host patrol should decide on the main course,(chicken, ham, and lasagna have been used and are popular) and assign food groups to the other patrols. (If your son hates vegetables, he should assign a group anyhow.) You can order the main dish and rolls. (Giant Eagle is very helpful with quantities and we have an account there.) When you pick up the food remember ice, margarine or butter, and extra powdered drink mix.

Strongly encourage the patrol leaders to get a count of how many people are coming at least 5 days in advance. Also, encourage families to bring enough food for 8–12 people in the food to be shared. We are feeding a lot of growing teenage boys! The patrol can also work on decorations or, with luck, you have a crafty mom in the group.

The day of the dinner, start setting up and making coffee at least one hour before the dinner. If you are picking up hot food you may want to call another patrol family to start this. After the meal, everyone is to help with cleanup. Don’t hesitate to assign trash take out and sweeping chores to the boys—just like at home.

The troop has the following equipment at the lockup and the quartermaster can arrange to get it to the dinner:

  • Coffee pots (1-hot water, 1-coffee)
  • Insulated drink containers (1-large for ice water, 2-drink mix)
  • Wooden stands (or “boxes”) for drink containers
  • Aluminum roasting pans for under drink containers (drip catchers)
  • Food and serving supplies:
    Coffee Napkins
    Tea Styrofoam bowls
    Sugar Garbage bags
    Sweetener Plastic wrap
    Creamer Plastic bags
    Stirrers Hot pads
    Drink mix Tongs
    Salt and pepper Serving spoon (we could use more)
    Cups (cold and hot) Dish detergent
    Plastic spoons and forks Rolls of paper to cover tables

You may want to bring dish clothes and tea towels. After the dinner, give the quartermaster a list of supplies to be replaced and the web master suggestions for this list.

Thanks for your help.

One last item: bring your sense of humor. When everything goes wrong, remember we will survive to the next court of honor!

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  • Phone: 999-999-9999
  • Troop Meetings
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  • Based on IASD calendar
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