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Message from the VP for Institutional Advancement

Message Sent to University Community

by Dr. Robert Davies, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
June 22, 2006


I am pleased to inform you that the discovery study meetings conducted on campus this week by Stamats Communications were well attended. Stamats representatives feel they gathered a great deal of material to formulate recommendations that will provide direction for the redesign of the university's website. They plan to present the study on campus in the early weeks of August and may, at that time, wish to speak further with campus constituents. We will keep you posted on that issue. While we have many more activities to conduct in this process, as of now, we are tentatively expecting at a late spring implementation of the new design. In a separate contract, but connected project, Stamats also is working on a plan to support integrated marketing and enrollment management. You may be asked to attend meetings regarding that effort, as well.

Related to the web redesign is the implementation of the content management system (CMS). Ciber, the company IUP has hired to implement the Ektron CMS, is hard at work behind the scenes building the components that will eventually allow us to efficiently manage our web's content. Those of you who are not familiar with the power of CMS may want to visit, where you will find an explanation of how a CMS will assist you with communicating your messages while removing much of the burden many of our web maintainers currently experience. You also will find at that location a history of the web redesign project and other material.

Finally, I want to express my appreciation to the many faculty and staff members and students who were able to attend the various sessions with Stamats. I know summer is not an easy time to conduct an activity like this and include everyone in the process; however, the ground work being done now is needed to maintain the project schedule and implement for key priorities during the spring of 2007.  While it might have been possible to delay commencement of the project until fall, when everyone would be available to provide input for the discovery study, we really felt that proceeding as soon as possible was in the overall university's best interest as this delay would cause us to miss the key windows for student recruiting and other initiatives. We all know that our web presence is vital to our efforts to recruit students and to effectively communicate with alumni and parents, and, very importantly, our current university community members.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to express them through the e-mail addresses listed at

I hope you are enjoying the summer.