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The Green Room—that special place in any theater where players gather to collect themselves, select themselves, elect themselves, talk, argue, gossip, await entrances, meet people (or avoid them)—is as old as English Theater itself. The origin of the name "green room" is as obscure as it is curious since the traditional color for the green room in England was red!

Our Green Room, however, is green and is located on the ground floor of Waller Hall. It does serve the purposes listed above and also serves as the location for many a discussion with faculty members as well as students, staff and guests! The Green Room is intended to provide an area where students and faculty can go when they have free time without being very far away from the theater. It is in many ways the "hub" of the building as it also serves as our major source of daily communication as the mailboxes for theater majors are housed there as well and the production Callboard is right outside.

Green Room Etiquette

In effort to make this space as welcoming as we can, please try to remember the following:

  1. Clean up after yourself. Place used food containers and other trash in waste cans provided for you. Recycle all cans in recycling boxes after emptying them. This has become even more important since the custodial staff for waller has been severely cut back!
  2. Do not leave personal items in the Green Room. Beyond the fact that it makes it more difficult for others to use the room, a number of items have been stolen that were left unattended in the Green Room.
  3. Keep the noise level down to normal conversation levels as there are often classes and/or rehearsals in hearing distance.
  4. While we know how exhausting a combination of a heavy production schedule and classes can be, please refrain from sleeping in the Green Room.
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