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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Financial Aid, plus questions regarding Withdrawing from and Dropping Courses

How do I apply for financial aid?

What if I need additional financial aid assistance?

How and where do I do Entrance Counseling for a Direct Stafford Loan?

You will need to go to the U.S. Department of Education's Direct Loan website. On the left-hand side, there is a Sign In button. You will need your Federal FAFSA Pin number to sign in. Follow directions for Entrance Counseling.

My Student Aid Report says that I am selected for verification. What does that mean?

A number of applicants are requested to submit copies of federal income tax forms as well as other documentation to the Financial Aid office at IUP. You will be notified in writing if the tax forms and a verification form are required.

If I have a financial aid award, how will I receive credit for this aid on the bill that I receive from IUP?

The Bursar’s office automatically deducts your financial aid from the bill sent to you at the beginning of each semester. The following financial aid programs can be deducted from your bill:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan

  • Federal Pell Grant

  • Pennsylvania State Grant

  • Federal Perkins Loan

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

  • IUP scholarships*

  • Federal Direct PLUS Loan

*You may deduct semester scholarship amounts only if scholarship funds have been received by the university.

Aid that is not administered by the Financial Aid office and late awards also are not deducted from your bill. An Installment Payment Plan is available to assist you with meeting your institutional charges. Information on the IPP will be enclosed with your university bill.

Students whose financial aid has been finalized can obtain refunds at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

I’m a graduate student. What type of financial aid am I eligible for?

I am entering the police academy. What types of financial aid are available to me?

I am entering IUP as a transfer student. What do I need to do?

I am leaving IUP to transfer to another school. What do I need to know?

How is Enrollment Status determined and what is it?

I am an international student. What do I need to know about financial aid?

The sites below contains material of interest to international students who are already in the United States. It also provides information for international students who are thinking about pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or professional education in the United States.

I have been convicted of a drug offense. Does this mean I won’t get any aid?

Please see the section regarding this question at the FAFSA on the Web.

I’m considering dropping a course after drop/add ends or withdrawing from the semester. How does that affect my aid this semester or in the future?

What is IUP’s withdrawal policy for charges and aid adjustment in the term in which a student withdraws?

The Office of the Bursar has a refund policy that will explain the effects of your withdrawal.

What other issues should I know about dropped courses/withdrawals?

How do I help pay for Study Abroad?

The Office of International Education has a Study Abroad website with a section on How to Pay for Study Abroad. It has very important information on how to obtain the funds. You will also need to schedule an appointment with the director in charge of Study Abroad in the Financial Aid Office.

  • Financial Aid Office
  • 200 Clark Hall
    1090 South Drive
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2218
  • Fax: 724-357-2094
  • Service Counter Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.