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Spanish Honors Program

Program Overview

The Department of Foreign Languages offers an Honors Program in Spanish, designed to enable especially talented majors in Spanish to explore areas in their study which surpass that which is normally studied in the major and to acquire a greater depth of knowledge as a result.

The Honors Program is particularly helpful for those students who intend to pursue graduate work in Spanish. Students who successfully complete the Spanish Honors Program will be formally recognized at the department graduation ceremony, and the completion of the Honors Program in Spanish is noted on the official transcript.

Admission Requirements

  1. Junior standing
  2. A minimum overall GPA of 3.25
  3. A minimum GPA in Spanish of 3.25 (or by permission)
  4. Student must submit two letters of reference from Spanish Department faculty members
  5. Student must submit a two-page self statement describing student’s academic and career goals.

Program Requirements

The Honors Program in Spanish consists of:

  1. CHSS 489 Honors Colloquium — 3 Credits
  • Includes Comparative Cultures courses as offered by the Spanish Department or any other CHSS 489 that is approved by the department Honors Committee prior to the student taking the course.  
  1. A 400-level Honors section of a Hispanic Literature course (Span 410-431) — 3 Credits
  • Students will register for the regular literatures course but will be expected to complete Honors-level extra tasks such as longer papers and presentations. Course will have the “H” designation. 
  1. SPAN 483 Honors Thesis in Spanish — 6 Credits
  • Includes three credits of Reading List/Thesis Preparation course and three credits of Thesis Writing Course
    • Students will register for this course number twice in two consecutive semesters (reading list first, then thesis)
    • Thesis must be written in Spanish  

Program Total:  12 Credits

Requirements for Graduation with Honors

  1. Completion of IUP’s requirements for graduation
  2. Completion of the 12 credits required for the honors track, with a minimum grade of B in each honors course

Application form for Spanish Honors Program

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  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
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