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B.A. in Geography: Economic Geographer Concentration

The Economic Concentration provides a broad framework of ideas and theories in addition to a task-oriented approach to location analysis. Site planners articulate the needs of the community for economic space, the demands for convenient transport, the role of private enterprise, and the management of growth.

This interrelated group of courses is useful to students, because economic geographers and developers are expected to analyze the interactions of concepts and variables. Market analysis for the location of new shopping centers, for example, requires understanding of economic principles, population characteristics, and the local political milieu, all in a spatial context.

For more information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

B.A. Geography: Economic Geographer Concentration

Requirement Checklist (PDF)

Departmental Requirements:

  • Cartography I
  • Cultural Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Climatology
  • Physiography
  • History of Geography
  • Research Seminar
  • Introduction to Planning

One from the following:

Geography of:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • East and Southeast Asia
  • South and Southwest Asia

Base Requirements:

  • Cartography II
  • Urban Geography
  • Trade and Transportation

Any three GEOG listed below.  An optional Issue Focus consists of three from one group plus two corresponding electives.

Location Analysis Controlled Electives:

  • Intro to GIS
  • Population Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Transportation Geography

Global Commerce Controlled Electives:

  • Population Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Geography of Energy
  • Historical Geography

Travel and Tourism Controlled Electives:

  • Second course from the group:
    • Geography of PA
    • Geography of Latin America
    • Geography of Europe
    • Geography of Russia, Central Eurasia and Eastern Europe
    • Geography of Africa
    • Geography of East and Southeast Asia
    • Geography of South and Southwest Asia
  • Geography of Wine
  • Social Geography
  • Historical Geography

Issue Focus Electives:

Location Analysis:

  • Urban/Regional Economics
  • Calculus I for Natural & Social Sciences (or)
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Planning Methods
  • Land Use Policy

Global Commerce:

  • Global Media and Communications
  • International Trade
  • International Finance
  • Comparative Government I: Western Political Systems (or)
  • Comparative Government II: Non-western Political Systems

Trade and Tourism:

  • Global Media and Communications
  • Economics of Tourism
  • History of Ancient Greece (or) HIST 302-356
  • Comparative Government I: Western Political Systems (or)
  • Comparative Government II:  Non-western Political Systems
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