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Director of Vocational Education Certification (9 Credits)

Director certification requires completion of 27 director competencies in addition to 54 supervisor competencies. There are 37 total director competencies to choose from.

Nine competencies are recommended in each course. The number of competencies could be adjusted if certain items are extremely time consuming. One competency could be substituted as an elective in each course if the subject matter is pertinent to actual workplace tasks during the semester enrolled.

See a list of Director competencies.

Please Note: The competencies listed are Microsoft Word documents. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed, please download the free Microsoft Word Viewer, which allows you view and print Microsoft Word documents, as well as copy the document contents to another word processing program. You cannot edit, save, or create a new document with the viewer.

There is also a free alternative to Microsoft Office called OpenOffice. OpenOffice provides full access to open, edit, save, print, and create new Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents as well as many other formats.

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