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Writing Center

Since its establishment in 1971 by Prof. Lorrie J. Bright, known then as the Composition Clinic, the mission of the IUP Writing Center has been to help students succeed with writing assignments in their classes at IUP. To accomplish this, trained Writing Center tutors offer one-on-one tutoring and group workshops.

Because the Writing Center is based on a peer tutoring model of instruction, it is unable to remediate serious writing problems which need to be addressed by a composition specialist in a semester-long course. Rather, the trained tutors in the Writing Center are best able to help students who already possess the skills they need to earn passing grades.

Writing Center tutors also cannot undertake extended or multiple tutoring sessions on long papers, theses, or dissertations. In these cases, students may need to seek help elsewhere or consult with their advisors. Graduate students should work with graduate tutors. Students who have special instructional needs should convey their needs to their tutor. Tutors are not trained to work with students who have special needs.

The Writing Center director works with faculty members to ensure that the center supports and complements the curriculum. The director is also responsible for keeping the center technologically current and involved in research and professional organizations related to writing center work at the regional and national levels.

Other goals of the Writing Center include: (1) Developing the center’s website resources to help writers working on line; (2) Helping students and faculty to use the center for research in composition; (3) Helping undergraduate and graduate tutors to develop professionally; (4) Providing help to students with various computer-based functions such as research on the Web, composing resumes and cover letters, and desktop publishing.