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Total University Withdrawal: Checklist

Undergraduate Withdrawal Process - Winter 2014

Withdrawal Grade Status (Total University Withdrawal)

Undergraduate total semester withdrawals are for all classes for the semester/session and must be processed during the semester in which the classes are occurring. All withdrawals are treated the same with regards to grading and fee pro-ration (if any), irrespective of reason for withdrawal. Some pro-ration of tuition/fees may be applicable.

Students who properly process and complete total semester withdrawal within the current semester/session will receive a “Q (withdrawn) enrollment status and a “W” designation for all their classes, rather than a grade. “W” designations are not calculated in determining quality/grade point average. Credits associated with “W” are calculated into the percent of progress (as credits registered but not completed), used in determining financial aid eligibility. Once processed, withdrawals may not be rescinded.

If you are thinking of processing a total university withdrawal from this semester, it is important that you read and understand the following information:

  • If you are unsure whether you should withdraw, please tell the person administering this form. We will direct you to an office adviser or your associate dean for a discussion of your options.
  • If you are the recipient of financial aid, including loans, contact the Office of the Bursar (Clark Hall, 724-357-2207) to discuss the impact of total university withdrawal on your aid package and bill for this semester.
  • Call, e-mail (, or stop by the Office of Financial Aid (Clark Hall, 724-357-2218) to discuss the impact of your withdrawal on next semester, or any semesters thereafter. When your withdrawal is processed, Financial Aid will consider you not enrolled and act accordingly. Depending upon the time of the semester you withdraw, it is possible that all your aid may be returned (as required by federal law), and you may be personally billed for the semester.
  • The final decision as to the amount of semester charge to be forfeited is made by the Office of the Bursar using federal, state system, and university policy. For more information, please see the Bursar’s refund policy.
  • No matter what your withdrawal period: a) you may still owe the university money; or b) monies may be returned to your lenders, not you personally.
  • The grade for total university withdrawal is W. Your cumulative QPA will return to that of the previous semester. If you are a freshman; you will have a transcript, but no real grade point average. While Ws do not affect your grades negatively, they do reduce your percent of progress, which is required for some financial aid programs.
  • Processing this withdrawal means that you may no longer reside in university housing, use a meal plan, or receive a financial aid refund check after the date of your withdrawal.
  • If you have on-campus housing, you must contact the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining today to arrange a time to officially check out of your room/apartment and return all keys. Questions about housing/dining fees being charged or refunded should be directed to the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining (G37 Ruddock Hall, 724-357-2696).
  • If a refund of university charges is to be granted, allow six to eight (6-8) weeks for processing.
  • International students: If you withdraw, you may: a) become out of status, or b) lose your partial tuition waiver. If you have questions about these issues, contact the Office of International Education before you finish processing this withdrawal. (You may still withdraw, but you need to be aware of the impact.)
  • NCAA-recruited athletes: Withdrawal may affect your eligibility to participate and/or your scholarship. Contact the Athletic Department’s compliance officer, Ms. Samantha Goettman (724-357-4295), for information before withdrawing.
  • The withdrawal form must be completed and returned today. Failure to do so will change the official date of withdrawal from the day you picked it up to the day on which it is received by our office. As well, any withdrawals initiated, but not completed by, the last day to withdraw will be voided.
  • Retroactive Withdrawal – Withdrawals requested after a semester/session’s completion are not guaranteed, are applied for, and may only be for documented medical or psychological reasons. Approval must be granted by both the ADVT director and your associate dean/designee. There is no refund.

Winter Term 2014 (2014–15) Refund Dates and Percentages    

There are NO refunds for any type of schedule adjustment after December 19, 2014, irrespective of the reason.*

January 2, 2015, is the last day for individual withdrawal and the last day that students may process total semester withdrawals using the web.

Students withdrawing after January 2, 2015, must meet with the associate dean of their primary major and then, if approved, complete paperwork through the Advising and Testing Center (216 Pratt Hall).

*Military Call to Active Duty: Students who are called to active duty and who submit a copy of their call to active duty papers will be eligible to receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees and a pro ration of housing and dining charges as per the services used. As with other refunds, monies will be returned to appropriate parties in accordance with federal and state guidelines. Please note that the Military Resource Center (MRC) may be a useful resource as you prepare for deployment. Contact information is 101-102 Pratt Hall, 724-357-3008,

Withdrawal Grade Status (Total University Withdrawal)

Students who properly process and complete withdrawal applications within the session will receive a “Q” (Withdrawn) enrollment status and a “W” designation for all their classes rather than a grade. “W’s” are not calculated in determining quality point average.  Credits associated with “W” are calculated into the percent of progress (as credits registered but not completed), used in determining financial aid eligibility.

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