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Dr. Sandra J. Newell

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B.S., 1972, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Ph.D., 1976, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Postdoctorate, 1976-1978, Gray Herbarium, Harvard University


Population ecology, especially plants; evolutionary ecology and life history strategies; structure of clonal organisms; tropical ecology.


Weyandt 19 MapMy research interests are in plant population biology, plant-animal interactions, and carnivorous plants. My current research focuses on temperate and tropical pitcher plants. Videotaping is being used to determine the proficiency of insect capture by the plant. One population of pitcher plants was remarkably poor at capturing insects. Consequently, we have initiated a comparative study of several populations of one species in widely separated geographic locations (New Jersey, Michigan, and South Carolina). In addition, we are comparing the proficiency of insect capture in two different species of pitcher plant in South Carolina. Videotaping is also being used to analyze the behavior of insects, both prey and inhabitants, at the pitcher. My past research involved geographic variation in leaf morphology of cycads in Florida and Puerto Rico and demography in clonal violets.



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Solbrig, O.T., W.F. Curtis, D.T. Kincaid, and S.J. Newell. 1988. Studies on the population biology of the genus Viola . VI. The demography of V. fimbriatula and V. lanceolata 1. Ecol. 76:301-319.

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