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B.S. in Biology Education

As you might know, the United States will need thousands of science teachers over the next several years.

Biology Med PhotoIUP has programs to certify teachers in each of the sciences. The biology teacher education program at IUP is a very strong one, graduating biology teachers who have excelled in their chosen profession throughout the United States. The program is a joint program between the College of Education and Educational Technology and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The program is designed around the content and pedagogy of the Pennsylvania and national standards for teachers and public school students. The learner is at the heart of our program. Biology education students are carefully and thoroughly monitored and advised through a coordinated effort of three professors in the Biology Department.

Science education classes are limited to fifteen students. There is ample opportunity for students to participate in class, to experience a great deal of hands-on practice in teaching, and to gain insight into a career in science teaching. The science educators teaching these classes have public school teaching experience and are constantly in the secondary school classrooms observing and working with biology teachers. Consequently, they set realistic expectations for what it takes to be a successful high school science teacher.

Dr. Holly Travis

Bioeducation Overview

Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:

Mathematics: MATH 110 or 121

Natural Science: CHEM 111-112

Social Science: PSYC 101

Liberal Studies Electives: 9cr, MATH 217, PHYS 151, one course with GEOS prefix from the Liberal Studies Natural Science (Option II) Nonlaboratory List; no courses with BIOL prefix

College of Education: 29cr

Preprofessional Education Sequence:

COMM 103 Digital Instructional Technology 3cr
EDSP 102 Educational Psychology 3cr

Professional Education Sequence :
EDEX 301 Education of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Secondary Settings 2cr
EDSP 477 Assessment of Student Learning: Design and Interpretation of Educational Measures 3cr
EDUC 242 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Exp I 1cr
EDUC 342 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Exp II 1cr
EDUC 441 Student Teaching (1) 12cr
EDUC 442 School Law 1cr
EDUC 451 Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools 3cr

Major: (1) 29cr

Required Courses:

BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I 4cr
BIOL 112 Principles of Biology II 4cr
BIOL 210 Botany 3cr
BIOL 220 General Zoology 3cr
BIOL 250 Principles of Microbiology 3cr
BIOL 263 Genetics 3cr
BIOL 480 Biology Seminar 1cr

Controlled Electives: (2)

Biology electives: (major courses only) 8cr

Other Requirements: 8cr

Chemistry Sequence:

CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I 4cr
CHEM 351 Biochemistry (3) 4cr

(#)Total Degree Requirements: 120cr

(*) See requirements leading to teacher certification, titled “Admission to Teacher Education,” in the College of Education and Educational Technology section of this catalog.

  1. Eligibility for student teaching and certification in secondary biology education will require a grade of C or better in all Biology courses and a cumulative combined GPA of 2.75 or better in Biology and Education courses.
  2. No more than 6cr from BIOL 482, BIOL 481, or BIOL 493 applies to major: excess applied as free electives
  3. The two-semester (6cr) sequence of BIOC 301-302 can be substituted for CHEM 351 to meet the Biochemistry requirement.

(#) See advisory paragraph “Timely Completion of Degree Requirements” in the section on Requirements for Graduation.

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