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Student Organizations

You can find a list of all official IUP student organizations here.

The Graduate Art Association

The purpose of the Graduate Art Association is to represent the interests of the graduate art students. Our purpose is to continue the tradition of staging an exhibit of current graduate student work that presents artwork selected by an artist of national or international esteem to the campus and surrounding community. All aspects of the show, including the selection of the juror, will be designed to reflect the highest levels of quality and professionalism expected in today’s art world. Membership in this organization is open to any graduate art student, full- or part-time, attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. For more information, contact the Graduate Art Association president.

The Graphic Design Student Organization (GDSA)

The mission of the GDSA is for students to gain knowledge and understanding of graphic design. This is achieved through active participation, discussion and tutorial about the design process and programs, and the ability to network with current designers in the industry. Membership is open to students from all majors. For more information, contact the GDSA president.

The National Art Education Association (NAEA)

The purpose of the National Art Education Association is to provide a smooth transition from art education preparation to professional practice, to raise and maintain a high standard of quality art education on campus and in the community, and to gain greater insight and perspective about the teaching of art and contemporary concepts in art education. We sponsor service projects such as exhibitions, speakers, etc.; promote an exchange of ideas in art education; and enlist future teachers from high school, promoting as a career both art education and other areas of the arts. We also sponsor community projects for children. Membership is open to any students studying Art Education at IUP. For more information about the NAEA, visit IUP’s NAEA website or contact

The Student Art Association (SAA)

The Student Art Association’s focus is to bring in visiting artists to the campus to broaden the art experience for the student body. We also run the Miller student gallery on the third floor of Sprowls Hall. The SAA exists for the artists in training at IUP as well as for those who have an appreciation for art. For more information, please e-mail the SAA president.

Student of Fiber Arts (SOFA)

SOFA is an organization to promote interest in the fiber arts and to provide opportunities and activities related to the study of fiber arts.  For more information, contact the SOFA president.

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