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The Ph.D. program in Criminology is designed to be completed in approximately three to four calendar years of full-time study beyond the master’s. The curriculum requires a minimum of 54 semester hours of acceptable graduate credit. Each student must complete requirements for (a) coursework; (b) special proficiency requirements; (c) qualifying exams; (d) skill requirement, if needed; and (e) dissertation.

Required Course Work

Core Courses (21 semester hours):

CRIM 810 Advanced Theoretical Criminology, 3 credits

CRIM 817 Advanced Qualitative Methods, 3 credits

CRIM 818 Quantitative Strategies for Analysis in Criminology, 3 credits

CRIM 820 Advanced Quantitative Methods, 3 credits

CRIM 830 Ethical and Philosophical Issues in Criminology, 3 credits

CRIM 840 Advanced Criminal Justice Policy, 3 credits

CRIM 851 Doctoral Colloquium in Criminology, 3 credits

Criminology Electives:

Six semester hours minimum

Advanced Applied Research:

Nine semester hours minimum

CRIM 901 Advanced Applied Research I

CRIM 902 Advanced Applied Research II

CRIM 903 Advanced Applied Research III

Other Electives:

Six semester hours from Criminology or related disciplines

  • Qualifying Examination: Upon completion of 18 semester hours, a student must take qualifying examinations in core subject areas. After successful completion, a student may proceed towards fulfillment of remaining degree requirements.
  • Comprehensive Area of Specialization Competence Review: Areas of Concentration—Each student must decide upon one subspecialty within Criminology. Upon consultation with the student, the student’s advisory committee, and the doctoral coordinator, a proficiency review will be conducted.
  • Skill requirement: (0-6 semester hours) A deficiency in this area may be remedied by completing one of the following alternatives:
    • Foreign language competency
    • Computer
    • Advanced statistics
    • Advanced research methods
    • Other appropriate areas as approved by the doctoral coordinator

Further details regarding any of these skill requirements can be obtained from the doctoral coordinator.

  • Dissertation: In accordance with university guidelines, successful completion of a doctoral dissertation is required (12 semester hours).

In short:

Average Transfer Credit from MA: 6

Course Credits: 36

Dissertation Credits: 12

Total Minimum Number of Credit Hours Required: 54

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