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Ongoing Research, Grant Activity, and Recent Publications


  • Begg, R., Pickles, J. and Smith, A. (2003) Cutting It: European Integration, Trade Regimes, and the Reconfiguration of Eastern and Central European Apparel Production. Environment and Planning A forthcoming.
  • Begg, R., Bucek, M., Pickles, J. and Smith, A. (2003) Global Trade, European Integration, and the Restructuring of Slovak Apparel Exports. Ekonomicky Casopis, 51-6: 731-749.
  • Begg, R. and Meurs, M. (2001) The Problematic Past: Interpreting Rural Change During the Bulgarian Transition. In: Depeasantisation and the Role of New Actors on the Countryside, Tovey, H. and Kovacs, I. (eds). Aldeershot: Ashgate.
  • Begg. R., Pickles, J. and Roukova, P. (2000). Regional Industrial Change in Smolyan and Kurdjali: A Case Study of the Apparel Industry. Problemi na Geografi forthcoming.
  • Begg, R. and Pickles, J. (2000) Ethnicity, State Violence, and Neo-Liberal Transitions: Border Regions and Muslim Communities in Post-Communist Bulgaria. Growth and Change forthcoming.
  • Bencloski, Joseph W. and Scott A. Loomer. Remote Sensing Education with MicroMSI. Annual Meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE), Philadelphia, PA, October 17, 2002.
  • Bencloski, Joseph W. MicroMSI Workshop. Annual Meeting of the NCGE, Vancouver, BC, August 3, 2001.
  • Bencloski, Joseph W. The Usefulness of Digital Satellite Imagery in Assessing the Status of Vegetation Regrowth on Abandoned Strip Mines in Indiana County, IUP University Senate Research Committee grant, February 16, 2001.
  • Bencloski, Joseph W. Constructing Isoline Surfaces from Human Geography Maps, Annual Meeting of the NCGE, Chicago, IL, August 3, 2000.
  • Benhart, Jr. John E. An Approach to Teaching Applied Geographic Information Systems: GIS Implementation for Local Organizations. Journal of Geography. Vol. 99. Number 1. 2000. Forthcoming.
  • Benhart, John E. and John E. Benhart, Jr. Landscapes in Transition: The Geography of Economic Restructuring in the Pittsburgh Region. in K. Patrick and J. Scarpaci, Eds. A Geographic Perspective of Pittsburgh and the Alleghenies: From Pre-Cambrian to Post-Industrial. Washington, D.C.: Association of American Geographers, 2000.
  • Masilela, C.O., and Dube, S. (forthcoming 2004). Rethinking the African State: A New Conceptualization on Sub-Saharan Africa. In Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang and Kwamina Panford Africa's Development in the 21st Century: Pertinent issues, Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Masilela, C.O., and Dube, S. (forthcoming 2004). Land Reform and Land Redistribution in Zimbabwe: A Tragedy of the Commons. In Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang and Kwamina Panford Africa's Development in the 21st Century: Pertinent issues, Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Modie T. and Masilela, C.O. (forthcoming). Community-Level Stressors and Health Outcomes in Low-Income Urban Communities in Francistown: Toward a Population Health Model in the Era of HIV/AIDS.
  • Medley, K.E., Butalla, C.M. and Okey, B.W. (in press). Historical Changes in Forest Cover and Land Ownership in a Midwestern U.S. Landscape. Annals of the Association of American Geographers.
  • Okey, B.W. 2002. Watershed Associations: Motivating the Grass Roots for Ecosystem Health. Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy People conference sponsored by the International Society for Ecosystem Health, Washington, D.C., June 8-9, 2002.
  • Okey, B.W. 2001. Fish Community Composition in Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Stream Sites of Southern Ontario. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New York, February 28, 2001.

Research and Grant Activity

  • Robert B. Begg, Principal Investigator (with John Pickles and Anton Popov). 2002-2004 NATO Environmental and Earth Science and Technology Directorate, Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division, collaborative Linkage Grant. "Assessing Bulgarian Deforestation Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Survey Techniques" EST.CLG 978637. ($528,000 BEF).
  • Robert B. Begg, Principal Investigator (with John Pickles and Adrian Smith) 2001-2004 National Science Foundation. Reconfiguring Economies, Communities, and Regions in Post-Socialist Europe: Competitive Pressure, New Firm Creation and Outward Processing in the Apparel Industry. NSF 0114361 ($194,000).
  • Robert B. Begg, Principal Investigator (with Bob Camp) 2001-2004 KeyNet Alliance-SSHE. Keynet Telecommunications Infrastructure Assessment Project. ($95,000).
  • John E. Benhart Jr., 2000-2003 Co-Investigator, National Institutes of Health Grant Number 1R15ES10371-01: Well Water Nitrate and Associated Health Effects ($122,790)
  • Calvin O. Masilela, Principal investigator, The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, U S Department of Education, 2003-2007. $1,075,324.
  • Calvin O. Masilela, IUP Senate Fellowship Grant 2002-03 (co-PI with Drs. Begg and Sechrist). $3,511. Information Technology for Higher Education Capacity Building in Southern Africa. USIA-FY 2000 College and University Affiliations Program: Partnership Between West Virginia University, The University of Pretoria, South Africa and Catholic University, Mozambique. $142,436. (Principal Investigator with Daniel Weiner: October 2000 September 1, 2003).
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2000, Senate Engineering, Digitizing. $81,000.
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2000, Equitrans Corporation, GIS Consulting and Services, $128,000.
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2000, Duquesne Light Corp. GIS Services. $93,500.
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2001, TCG Corp. GIS Services. $53,000
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2001, PECO Energy, GIS Consulting $23,000.
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2002, Pennsylvania Department of Education, GIS Consulting and Services, $48,000.
  • Robert P. Sechrist, 2002, Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit, GIS Consulting and Services. $31,000.
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