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Our central purpose is to prepare students for academic careers through a balanced and integrated approach to the study of research, theory, justice systems, and educational issues.


Informed opinion, including that of the Council of Graduate Schools, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, indicates that many Ph.D. programs are imbalanced and they do not adequately prepare students for academic life as college and university professors. Many programs narrowly focus on training researchers. More broadly defined aspects of scholarship, especially the link between teaching and research, seldom get the attention they deserve.

Our program is designed to educate those who will become what the late Ernest L. Boyer of the Carnegie Foundation called the “new generation of scholars” or “teacher/scholars.” Our objective is to provide solid instruction in all aspects of scholarship. We want to produce graduates who are well suited for professional life—men and women who do not juggle research, teaching, and service commitments but rather synthesize them into useful and productive careers.

In 1994, our faculty passed a resolution to broaden the emphasis of our Ph.D. program. The purpose of the proposal was to move away for the traditional model of a Ph.D. as exclusively a research degree to a program that incorporates some of the ideas represented in the Preparing Future Faculty program promoted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities and supported by the Pew Foundation.

ACJS Conference, March 2013

Ph.D. in Criminology Student Handbook (doc) 

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