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Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers a program of study leading to a Master of Arts in Criminology. For over twenty years, the program has prepared students for administrative and research careers in the criminal justice system and related fields. The Criminology M.A. program also provides a solid foundation for students planning to pursue doctoral studies.

Students may begin the program in the Fall semester. Students are not admitted during the Spring and Summer terms.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and Research, a student intending to work towards a Master of Arts in Criminology will be required to have the following prerequisite academic and/or professional preparation:

  • Students should be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of criminological theory and the criminal justice system (generally satisfied by a bachelor’s degree in criminology, criminal justice, or related fields); or
  • Students should have knowledge gained through experience within the justice system or by specialized training or completed graduate or undergraduate studies in a related field.

All applicants for the Masters of Arts degree in Criminology must possess the essence of knowledge offered in the undergraduate (B.A.) program core courses. These courses are:

  • CRIM 102 Survey of Criminology
  • CRIM 306 Research Methods
  • CRIM 400 Theoretical Criminology
  • CRIM 401 Contemporary Issues in Criminology

If, upon the consideration of the Department of Criminology Graduate Committee, an applicant is deemed to be deficient, the department, through the master’s coordinator, will require appropriate undergraduate courses to remove these deficiencies. Students may begin master’s studies in either semester or in the summer. Applicants may apply at anytime; however, priority will be given to completed applications received by March 15. After March 15, applications will be received, but admission to the program is contingent upon the availability of space.

Required Course of Study

Thirty semester hours are required for graduation from the M.A. in Criminology program. Students may choose between a thesis and non-thesis curriculum. The thesis option requires that the student complete a six-credit thesis. The non-thesis option requires that the student complete six hours of elective course work.

Degree Requirements

CRIM 600 Criminological Theory, 3 credits

CRIM 601 Proseminar, 3 credits

CRIM 605 Research Methods, 3 credits

CRIM 610 Legal Issues in Criminology, 3 credits

CRIM 632 Organizational Dynamics in the Criminal Justice System, 3 credits

CRIM 718 Quantitative Strategies for Analysis, 3 credits

CRIM 730 Ethical and Philosophical Issues in Criminology, 3 credits

CRIM 791 Synthesis Project, 3 credits

CRIM 795 Thesis (Optional), 6 credits

Electives, 3–6 credits

Total: 30 credits


There are two tracks for completing the Masters of Arts curriculum: Thesis and Non-thesis. Thesis students must complete six credits of CRIM 795 and three elective credits. Non-thesis students must complete CRIM 791 and six credits of electives.


A member of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, IUP offers high-quality graduate programs at very competitive tuition rates. Refer to graduate admissions for specific information.

Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid

Students may apply for student loans, competitive graduate assistantships (awarded in the fall), scholarships, and university or grant funded employment. Assistantship applications must be received by March 15 prior to the year of study.

For more information on the M.A. in Criminology, please send an e-mail to

M.A. Coordinator
Department of Criminology
Wilson Hall, Room 200
411 North Walk
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705-1002

To request application materials, contact:

The School of Graduate Studies and Research
Attn: Admissions
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705-1075

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