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Though many students rush to Washington, D.C., during the summer months to complete their internships, there are benefits to working during the school year.

This spring I had the opportunity to intern with OneWorld US, an international information network for non-governmental organizations, at American University. The internship was unpaid but was an excellent chance to take in the city and learn how major global media networks operate.

I worked under the editor of OneWorld’s bimonthly “treeless” e-zine, Perspectives, doing research and background for articles while writing a few bylines. Most of the work I was assigned could be done from my apartment (or the nearby Panera Bread).

My first e-zine issue, a focus on gender global advancement titled “Women Taking the Lead,” allowed me to craft personal stories of some of the world’s most inspirationally empowering women. The second e-zine during my time there had a grimmer, trickier theme: “Preventing Genocide.” It was difficult, but the contributions did open my eyes to the enormous amount of effort in Washington and around the world to end violence and genocide in some third-world nations.

One of the best aspects of the internship was its networking opportunities with partner advocate nonprofit organizations and other news services. I attended peer-learning meetings and the planning of summer events with Amnesty International. I visited with African cotton farmers and Oxfam America representatives. I developed materials to distribute at the International Women’s Day symposium. I could then relay those experiences on the OneWorld blog.

Most of all, the internship helped prepare me for a career in journalism and communications, specifically for a targeted global audience, and a glimpse into the culture and customs of Washington life.

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