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Bill Harder

Last summer marked summer No. 2 for me in Washington, D.C., as an employee of the World Wildlife Fund.

WWF is the world’s largest environmental nonprofit organization. Working in more than one hundred countries, WWF has more than five million members worldwide.

Two summers ago I attended The Fund for American Studies Institute on Political Journalism at Georgetown University. Through that experience, I acquired an internship at WWF. It was an amazing summer, full of new skills and experiences. At the end of it I received the Frank Shakespeare Award for political writing, naming me the top intern in the 80-plus person institute.

When I left WWF that summer, they hired me as a consultant to continue doing public relations from IUP for their Africa and Philippines programs. During my junior year I continued writing, editing, and designing publications.

As summer 2006 approached, WWF offered to bring me back into the office. I was more than excited to accept the position.

From the middle of May through the middle of August, I lived in downtown Washington and went back to work at WWF. My responsibilities had greatly increased since the previous summer. I wrote a number of press releases that were distributed nationally and picked up by major news organizations. I also got to spend some time at the World Bank when I helped plan the release of the book Escaping Poverty’s Grasp, written by WWF’s director of micro-economics.

WWF also released the most comprehensive tiger study ever conducted. I helped plan the press conference held at the tiger exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington.

I could not have asked for a more amazing job. Any job where I am at the World Bank in the morning and the zoo in the afternoon is a dream job for me. This internship solidified my decision to go into environmental politics and communication.

When I left at the end of the summer, the communications staff threw me a surprise party, at which the vice president of communications told me to come back when I get my degree and stay for good.

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