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Selected Titles of Recent History Honors Thesis

  • Angle, William, “Eugene Debs and the Transition to Industrial Unionism, 1886–1894” Director: Prof. Irwin Marcus
  • Barbour, Erin, “The Transfer of Musical Culture from Africa and Spain to Cuba during the Colonial Period” Director: Prof. Caleb Finegan
  • Cook, Eric, “The Singing School Movement in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, 1820–1885” Director: Prof. Charles Cashdollar
  • Ferrell, Jennifer, “Hound of Hell or Contemporary Critic: Machiavelli’s Critique of the Catholic Church” Director: Prof. Lynn Botelho
  • Hassan, Jennifer, “Algeria, 1830–1962: A Pauperized Country’s Attempt to Gain Independence” Director: Prof. Sharon Franklin-Rahkonen
  • Hutchins, Jason, “Encouraging God’s Lost Children: The Early Writings of Benjamin Tucker Tanner, African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1867–1872” Director: Prof. Wang Xi
  • Hooks, Heather, “The Battle of Kosovo: Nationalism in Medieval Serbia” Director: Prof. Sharon Franklin-Rahkonen
  • Matthews, Christopher, “History with a Purpose: Political Motivations of the Left in Interpreting the Paris Commune of 1871” Director: Prof. Tamara Whited
  • Matty, Denise, “How Did Reputation Label People as Early Modern English Witches?” Director: Prof. Lynn Botelho
  • Nowak, Daniel, “Extreme Nationalism, Extreme Consequences: Milosevic, the Serbs, and Kosovo.” Director: Prof. Sharon Franklin-Rahkonen
  • Reppy, Jeremy, “German East Africa in the Rechenberg Era, 1906–1911: Period of Change or Failed Vision?” Director: Prof. Michele Wagner
  • Skillen, Larry, “The Breakdown of Civility: Preaching in the Parish of Groton, England, 1627–1628” Director: Prof. Lynn Botelho
  • Snyder, Andrew, “A Window of Solidarity in Steel: McKees Rocks, 1909.” Director: Prof. Gary Bailey
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