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B.S.Ed. Social Studies Education History Track

History, Geography, and Economic Concentrations

Request the following checksheets from your advisor if interested:

  • Economics Checksheet
  • Sociology Checksheet
  • Anthropology Checksheet

Social Science Education/History Concentration

Liberal Studies                                         43sh

As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:    

Humanities-History:  Fulfilled by required courses in major.

Social Science:  PSYC 101, ECON 121,and ANTH 110

Liberal Studies electives:  ECON 122, GEOG 230

College                                                       29sh

3 additional sh of MATH 101 level or above (in addition to Liberal Studies MATH) 3sh

Students are required to take an additional 3sh of MATH beyond the Liberal Studies requirement for a total of 6sh, all of which must be 100 level or above.

Pre-Professional Education Sequence

COMM 103 Digital Instructional Technology              3sh

EDSP 102 Educational Psychology                          3sh

Professional Education Sequence

EDEX 301 Education of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Secondary Programs 2sh

EDEX 323 Instruction of English Language Learners with Special Needs 2sh

EDSP 477 Assessment of Student Learning: Design and Interpretation of Educational Measures 3sh

EDUC 242 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Exp. I         1sh

EDUC 342 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Exp. II        1sh

CHSS 342 Pre-Student Teaching Clinical Ex. II          1sh

EDUC 442 School Law                                          1sh

EDUC 455 Teaching of Social Science in Secondary Schools 3sh

EDUC 441 Student Teaching                                12sh

Major                                                          27sh

Foundation Courses: (4)

In exceptional cases, the student's advisor may give special permission to substitute two upper-level courses for one of the foundation courses.  

HIST 201 Western Civilization Before 1600               3sh

HIST 202 Western Civilization Since 1600                 3sh

HIST 204 United States History to l877                    3sh

HIST 205 United States History Since 1877              3sh

Research Courses:

HIST 200 Introduction to History                             3sh

HIST 401-404 SpecialTopics                                   3sh

This requirement may be fulfilled by completing either the department honors program or graduate seminar with a concluding paper.

Controlled Electives:                                       9sh      

One Non-Western History Course:  Latin America, Africa, Asia, Russia, 300 or 400 level

One United States History course at the 300 or 400 level

One History course at the 300 or 400 level

Social Science distribution:                           12sh

GEOG XXX 200 level or higher Geography course         3sh

PLSC 111 American Politics                                       3sh

PLSC 280 or PLSC 285 Comparative Government I: Western Political Systems or Comparative Government II: Non-Western Political Systems   3sh

SOC 231, SOC 337, or SOC 362 Contemporary Social Problems, World Systems and World Societies, or Racial and Ethnic Minorities                3sh

Free Electives                                              2-3sh  

Total Degree Requirements                 120sh

(*)  See requirements leading to teacher certification, titled "Admission to Teacher Education," in the College of Education and Educational Technology section of this catalog.  In order to student teach, students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their major (social science and history courses). To be licensed to teach History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government, Social Science Education, history majors must apply for Citizenship Education certification.

History Honors Program                               9sh          

HIST 487       Honors Colloquium in History                3sh

HIST 483       Honors Theses/Independent Study      6sh

(two semesters, 3sh each)

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  • Humanities and Social Sciences Building
    Room 304
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  • Phone: 724-357-2284
  • Fax: 724-357-6478
  • Office Hours
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