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B.A. in History Pre-Law

History Pre-Law checklist for printing

Liberal Studies                                      43-51sh

As outlined in Liberal Studies with the following specifications:

Liberal Studies electives:  no courses with HIST prefix

Humanities-History:  Fulfilled by required courses in major

College                                                          0-6sh

Foreign Language Intermediate Level

Intermediate-level Foreign Language may be included in Liberal Studies electives.

Major                                                               36sh

Three or Four foundation courses (9-12 cr.) from the following list:

History 201: Western Civilization to 1500

History 202: Western Civilization since 1500

History 204: American History to 1877

History 205: American History since 1877

History 206: History of East Asia

History 208: Survey of Latin American History

One (3 cr.) upper-level Non-Western history course is also required and must be from the following list:

History 326: History of Russia

History 329: History of the Byzantine Empire

History 330: History of the Islamic Civilization

History 331: Modern Middle East

History 332: History of Early China

History 334: History of Modern China

History 337: History of Modern Japan

History 350: History of Latin America, Colonial Period 1480-1820

History 351: History of Latin America, National Period 1820-present

Two (3 cr.) 400 level topics course are required.

Four or Five upper-level (300 or greater) history electives are required (12-15 cr.).

Required courses:

History 200: Introduction to History (3 cr.)

Other Requirements

Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor:                    3-21sh 

Seven courses, including at least one from each of six areas:

Business:   BLAW 235, ACCT 201, ACCT 202 

Criminology:  CRIM 210, CRIM 215, CRIM 255

Economics:   ECON 121, ECON 122, ECON 332

English:   ENGL 212, ENGL 220, ENGL 310 

Philosophy:  PHIL 101, PHIL 222, PHIL 450 

Political Science:    PLSC 358, PLSC 359, PLSC 361

Free Electives                                                 5-21sh

Total Degree Requirements                            120sh

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